SoundMAGIC ES18 In-Ear Headphones Review

SoundMAGIC ES18 In-Ear Headphones Review

Lately, I’ve been testing out SoundMagic earphones like an audiophile on crack. They’re so fun to listen to, and so far, not one of their models has disappointed me. So, let’s find out what SoundMagic can do for those of us on a tight budget. Will the ES18 live up to the brand’s reputation for delivering superb sound at an affordable price? Let’s find out in this SoundMAGIC ES18 In-Ear Headphones Review.

SoundMAGIC ES18 In-Ear Headphones Review

IN the BOX

Leatherette Pouch

Eartips (s,m,l)

Computer Adapter

SoundMAGIC ES18 In-Ear Headphones Review


These buds do sound isolation really well. In fact, they do a better job than many noise cancelling headphones out there. The seal is super secure while remaining comfortable and very light. I dig it.


The ES18 looks about as expensive as it costs. There’s nothing particularly wrong with them, but these earphones look like a tangled mess I’d find in my drawer from the 80’s. Considering what companies like Final Audio have produced for the same price, I’m left feeling a little shortchanged. That being said, the ES18S version does come with a mic and remote, which is compatible with both Apple and Android phones; the connector has a switch that allows you to pick which Android phone you’ll be using with the headphones. But this capability makes the connector feel bulky and antiquated. Listen, I’m feeling fussy today. Sorry, SoundMagic. Let’s move onto what actually matters – sound.

SoundMAGIC ES18 In-Ear Headphones Review


Overall Impressions: Fast, weighty and warm.

Wow. If you have a serious taste for bass, you’ll be pleased to find that the ES18 sounds infinitely better than it looks. Huge lows sit very forward in the mix while maintaining clarity in the higher frequencies.  Because of the significant bass, one might assume that these earphones are less than versatile in terms of genre. But that’s not the case. The mids remain well balanced with a generous serving of low mids. As a result, rock sounds warm and sweeping. And at the same time, these earphones lend themselves well to the delicate character of acoustic guitars in a sweet folk tune. Moving onto classical, strings in the high frequencies had a liquid smoothness, conveying a romantic sound that was oh so easy to listen to. And let’s not forget pop and hip-hop because this is where the ES18 really excels. Play a little Michael Jackson, and you’ll soon discover that these buds are damn fast and punchy. Drums have a freqload of impact, and the bass guitar feels tight. Percussion in the higher frequencies are crisp and edgy. And turning to hip-hop, lows get super subby and thumping. In fact, there’s not one genre that these buds can’t handle.


I think we all learned a lesson here. Never judge a headphone by its plastic. These buds are well worth the price in terms of sound alone. If you like a really warm and luxurious low end, but you listen to all genres, give these speedy babies a try.

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Driver: Dynamic 10mm

Frequency Range: 15Hz – 22KHz

Impedance: 46 Ohms

Sensitivity: 112dB

Cable Length: 1.2m

Weight: 11g


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