SoundPEATS TrueFree+ Review

Only two things will stop me from writing more cheap true wireless reviews: my death. Or my boss’ death. Because he won’t quit throwing these damn %^&*$#! things on my desk. Sorry to bore my 3 subscribers, but here’s yet another pair of true wireless earbuds under 50 bucks. At around $30, is the TrueFree+ a truly great deal? Or just another pair of crappy earbuds that you’ll regret buying? Let’s find out in this SoundPEATS TrueFree+ Review.

SoundPEATS TrueFree+ Review

IN the BOX


No problems for me here. The earbuds are small enough to fit snugly in the contours of my ears. The stems are pretty long too, so the sound isolation is effective. And if you have headphones with active noise cancellation, these earbuds will probably do just as good of a job. 

SoundPEATS TrueFree+ earbuds sport a relatively small shell


Controls and Functionality

Using the buttons on the earpieces, you can expect the usual functionality – play/pause, track skipping and call answering/ending. You’ll also get a couple of added features, including, call switching and voice assistant.

Battery Life

The battery life is solid on these earbuds. You’ll only get 4 hours of playtime in a single use. But with the charging case, you’ll get a total of around 30 hours of juice. The TrueFree+ uses a Micro-USB connection for charging, and it takes about 2 hours to fully charge the case.

SoundPEATS TrueFree+ case holds about 30 hours of charge


Bluetooth and Supported Codecs

The TrueFree+ supports Bluetooth 5, which is the latest Bluetooth technology. It should mean fewer dropped signals. And I experienced no dropouts during my listening session. 

Call Clarity

Don’t expect high-resolution call clarity. But it works, and the caller had no complaints once I told her that these buds were 30 bucks. 



This isn’t a deep, fat, reverberating bass. In fact, the bass response is quite moderate. So, folks with bass-anxiety can rest easy. At the same time, I didn’t find the low-end stingy. So, everyone should be happy here. The bass is also really tight and punchy. So, pop tracks sound nice and funky on these buds. That being said, if you like a really warm and lush sounding rock track, you should probably keep looking. The TrueFree+ presents a clean and tidy profile, not a particularly rich and voluptuous one. 


There’s a relatively even balance in this range. Perhaps the upper mids have slight emphasis, bringing vocals a little forward in the mix. But all in all, you’ll get an expansive or all-encompassing feel from these earbuds, which works great on rock and pop-rock tracks with heavy instrumentation. But again, what the TrueFree+ does particularly well is clean definition. Separation is top notch for a pair of true wireless earbuds at this price. Individual picks in guitar strums, for example, are well delineated. So, folk and acoustic music works well on the TrueFree+ as well. The level of detail is pretty decent too, bringing out texture and substance in string instruments as well.


A little extension in this range, lends sparkle and snap to percussion instruments. And because the sound signature leans on the lighter, thinner side, female vocals in this range sound buoyant and airy. There’s also a nice smoothness to the sound, making vocal performances feel fluid and pleasing to the ears. 


While you won’t hear an utterly vast soundstage, you will get a sense of dimension, especially in terms of height and width. And certainly hear the more obvious gradations in instrument placement across these two axes. But of course, given that the TrueFree+ is a wireless in-ear model, you shouldn’t expect a thoroughly holographic soundscape.


Pros: Clean, well-balanced.

Cons: Sound may not be rich enough for those who like a particularly lush profile.


The TrueFree+ sounds clean and inoffensive for a pair of true wireless earbuds this cheap. It may not be a particularly opulent sound, but it’s not muddy, and the bass doesn’t dominate the mix. Call clarity is decent enough to warrant the price tag. And the battery life is solid too. It’s fine. I’m not blown out of my chair with excitement. But for 30 bucks, I’d say it’s definitely worth it. That being said, there’s some stiff competition out there at this price point. Strauss & Wagner’s true wireless earbuds are a prime example. You can read my colleague’s review about them here. So, be sure to do your research before you spend this little. 

You can find these earbuds for the best price here:

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