Meet StarBrick Be4 Earphones

StarBrick Be4 Earphones

Move over aluminum, it looks like Beryllium is the new star of the headphones show. The newest headphone make to hit Kickstarter preaches a Beryllium driver is the reason for a clean audio and a lightweight frame. Meet StarBrick Be4 Earphones.

Meet StarBrick Be4 Earphones

If you try to remember anything from high school Chemistry, you brain may wander over to the periodic table. Be4 stands for Beryllium and it is the fourth element on the periodic table and the lightest metal element in Alkaline earth metal elements – weighing in at 9.012182. While Be4 is the fourth lightest element, it is four times stronger than steel, subsequently providing more powerful sound up to 16 KHz, explains StarBrick.

To avoid any confusion, I’ll point out StarBrick Be4 is designed with an aluminum and wood casing and the dynamic driver is of Beryllium. This is said to provide listeners with clean and crisp audio with minimal distortion.

When it comes to sound signature, StarBrick Inc promises that the highs are pure without piercing your eardrums with tinny and tizzy audio (when there are cymbal crashes, for example). The mids are said to be silky smooth while the bass is deep, powerful, and balanced.

Aside from what sounds like promising audio, these earbuds deliver on aesthetics. The polished exterior is quite attractive to the eye in shades of silver, matte black, and rose gold.


Driver: 8 mm

Impedance: 28 ohms

Frequency Response Range: 50 – 20,000 Hz

Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.2%

StarBrick Be4 Earphones are available via Kickstarter starting at prices of $109.

Crowdfunding disclaimer: P.S. Please note, not all projects hosted by crowdfunding platforms come to fruition. Before making a purchase you should read the FAQs of the hosting platform as well as our article on the risks associated with investing in a crowdfunding projects.

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