Strauss & Wagner Vienna: The Best Cable Upgrade for the Sennheiser IE 900

Strauss & Wagner Vienna: The Best Cable Upgrade for the Sennheiser IE 900 by MajorHiFi

Recently, the unassuming, yet impressive little company, Strauss & Wagner, has produced a bunch of high-performing cables that can compete with cable brands selling for twice the price. They’re supposed to be particularly good at making cables with sound profiles that work in combination with Sennheiser models, and in this case, the Sennheiser IE 900. (But we’ll put this claim to the test.) If you’re looking to enhance the resolution and performance of your current cable setup, the Strauss & Wagner Vienna might be the optimal solution, depending on your taste. What can you expect from the Vienna, and does it outperform the Sennheiser cable that came with your IE 900 IEMs?

What’s in the Package?

  • Strauss & Wagner Vienna Cable for Sennheiser IE 900
  • Interchangeable Terminations (3.5mm, Balanced 4.4mm and Balanced 2.5mm)

Strauss & Wagner Vienna Cable Review: Unboxing

Look and Build

The aesthetics were a no brainier for me. Thick, shiny and well insulated braided silver strands make this $100 cable look far more premium in quality than the price tag suggests. The radiant silver also complements the design of the shells of the IE 900. In addition, you’ll have the choice of three solidly built terminations; 3.5mm, balanced 4.4mm and balanced 2.5mm.

Strauss & Wagner Vienna comes with three interchangeable terminations

The connectors snap firmly into place but are also pretty easy to disconnect with the help of some mild exertion. The over-ear wires sit snugly around the ear, though I never noticed myself wearing them, even throughout extended listening sessions. I also preferred this design to the malleable and sometimes awkward fit of the Sennheiser wire.

Pairing the Strauss & Wagner Vienna withe Sennheiser IE 900 IEM


I should first note that Sennheiser has made things tricky by implementing a different type of MMCX connection for its flagship IEM model. As a result, buyers are quite limited by the few off-brand cables available online that are compatible with the IE 900. So, Strauss & Wagner have catered to this niche by delivering a sturdy, pretty fancy looking and reasonably affordable braided silver MMCX cable upgrade, specifically designed for the IE 900.

For my sound impressions, I paired the Vienna (4.4mm) with the Astell & Kern HC4 DAC/amp dongle, which provides ample headroom when connected to the IE 900, and compliments the impressive soundstage that the IE 900 offers.

Sound Impressions

The most audible upgrades seem to be the soundstage and the enhanced detail, definition and attack, especially in the midrange. 

Listening with the Vienna, the soundstage felt wider and more nuanced in its placement, while separation also seemed slightly cleaner. The result is a more holographic and more colorfully layered space that adds to the immersion created by the IE 900’s full-bodied sound.

Also noticeable, is the more defined midrange, which injects crisp impact into snares and enhances the transparency of vocals, bringing out more crackle and fry in vocal qualities.

At the same time, the Vienna retains the integrity of the IE 900’s sound signature, keeping things warm and powerful in the lower frequencies and providing legs, along with energy in the midrange. Combining this profile with the cleaner, more energetic feel and bigger soundstage that the Vienna delivers, the IE 900 becomes an even more impressive powerhouse of sound.


The Strauss & Wagner Vienna preserves the essence of the IE 900’s identity, maintaining warmth in the lower frequencies, lending robustness, and infusing vitality into the midrange. Pairing this characteristic with the Vienna’s cleaner, livelier ambiance and expansive soundstage amplifies the IE 900’s prowess, transforming it into an even more formidable IEM. If you’re looking for an upgrade, or just need to replace the broken one that came with your IEM, the affordably priced, Vienna, is the probably the most sonically compatible and skilled cable option for your beloved IE 900.

You can buy the Strauss & Wagner Vienna Cable at Audio 46.

Strauss & Wagner Vienna enhances soundstage of the Sennheiser IE 900.

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