Sudio T2 True Wireless Earbuds Review

I’ve never heard a pair of Sudio earbuds before, and I’ve not heard much talk of the brand until now. Sudio has made a variety of Bluetooth products ranging from over-ear headphones to true wireless. The T2 is their most recent effort and is available for $129. Other true wireless earphones in this price range have made quite the impact, such as the Sennheiser CX and CX Plus. Can the T2 stand out from the competition?

What You Get

  • Charging case
  • Charging cable
  • Four ear tips ranging from size XS to L

Sudio size

Look and Feel 

The pair I used for testing was the “sand” cosmetic variation, which had a classy appearance. You can also get the T2 in black and jade as well. Its charging case is small and feels good to hold in your hand. It has no problem fitting comfortably in any pocket. the earbuds themselves feature a great fit, that feels natural and ergonomic. Throughout my many hours of listening, I never needed to adjust the T2, as the housing caused little to no distraction.

Sudio ear tip

Design and Functionality

Each earbud houses an 8mm dynamic driver and has a touch-sensitive panel. You also have 2 mics per earphone, which help operate the T2’s noise-canceling and environmental features. The environmental effects are very effective, but the noise-canceling could be a bit stronger. It covered a good spectrum of noise but wasn’t able to provide as much for harsher outdoor settings.

One of the T2’s best aspects is its response, not just from how quick it is, but with the feedback it gives you. Each touch action gives you a satisfying click and reacts almost immediately. The surface isn’t too sensitive either, giving you reliable feedback without operating by the slightest gesture.


The Sudio T2 supports Bluetooth 5.2 for 10m of range and high bandwidth. Unfortunately, only a single SBC CODEC is featured when I would have liked to see AAC or aptX make an appearance.

Battery Life

You should be able to get 7 and a half hours off a single charge without noise-canceling, and 6 and a half hours with it activated. With the addition of the charging case, you should get 35 hours of playtime in total. Its strongest quality when it comes to battery life is the extremely fast charging. 10 minutes of charge through USB should grant you at least 2 hours of playtime, which is significant for its price.

Sudio touch surface


Many true wireless earphones fall into the trap of muddiness due to a lack of clarity in their soundstage. I wasn’t expecting much from the T2, but I knew as soon as I played my first track, they would be something special. On the T2 the stereo image comes through wide and exceptionally clear, with its effortless separation and spatial properties. You don’t get much depth, and the layers are fairly surface level, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy listening to this pair of earbuds dance around the sound field. Some aspects show good height, but the T2 mainly sticks to a linear stage which the imaging utilizes greatly.

Low End

There’s some great energy in this bass response, as the low frequencies showcase a booming timbre that’s both smooth and punchy. This is helped by a considerable sub-bass presence which adds a soft vibration to the bass and gives it a buttery texture. Bass instruments are separated naturally for an extra layer of clarity, but these vibrations are definitely the most dominant in the mix. At their very best, bass drones can feel like they’re emanating right off your skull.


For the midrange, there isn’t a ton of meat on the bone, but you still get a clean tonality that will satisfy the sound signature. Some instrumentals come off as thin but still display some considerable gain. The body of the tone is almost there but feels like it’s missing a bit of heft from those fundamental frequencies. On the other hand, vocals sound very crisp and are brought forward in the sound signature, easily cutting through the mix and adding significant height to the timbre.


Treble frequencies also make a big impact here. Nothing sounds overly bright but the timbre has a great bite to it that keeps the sound engaging. There’s a great shine across the highs that give the tonality a great layer of texture, adding character to each track you listen to. Like the mids, there can be some thinner regions of the response, and sometimes it could even sound a bit shrill, especially with more tracks with aggressive treble. Overall, there’s a colorful treble here that should satisfy most listeners.


I’m very surprised by the quality here, as the Sudio T2 is one of the best true wireless earphones in its price range. Though it has some slight faults, the sound signature is instantly immersive and characterized by a colorful timbre and wide soundstage. Its functionality is swift and unique with its resposne, making the T2 not only reliable but fun. There’s so much to like about the T2, and at only $129 it holds its own against a competitive market.

Pros  Cons
  • Great soundstage
  • Smooth sub-bass 
  • Colorful treble
  • Satisfying feedback
  • Comfortable fit
  • Fast charge 
  • Only SBC CODEC
  • Average noise-canceling

The Sudio T2 is available on Amazon.

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