Taotronics SoundLiberty 53 True Wireless Earbuds Review

Gone are the days when you had to shell out over 150 bucks for a pair of true wireless earbuds. True wireless technology is getting much cheaper. And smaller companies, like Taotronics, are beginning produce great true wireless sound for under $50. The SoundLiberty 53 is selling like hotcakes on Amazon. And we, at MajorHiFi, were curious to see what the fuss was all about. What can you expect in terms of sound quality and design? And will the 53’s sound signature suit your listening style? Let’s find out in this SoundLiberty 53 True Wireless Earbuds Review.

IN the BOX


I had no problems with respect to comfort even after a couple hours of wear. The sound isolation may not be as effective as a musician’s in-ear monitor, but it will certainly kill any ambient hum, making your train ride a lot more peaceful. And when you compare it to the Apple AirPods, which provide no sound isolation at all, the 53’s performance is quite impressive. Most important, I had no worries about these buds falling out. I even did a few jumping jacks.


Controls and Functionality

Using the SoundLiberty 53’s touch controls on the right and left earbuds, you can activate a host of functions, including play/pause, volume, track skipping and call answering. And if you have a special relationship with your voice assistant, you can activate her as well. That’s what he said.


Pairing is easy and reliable. And TaoTronics gives us the added option of pairing a single earbud only, which is handy if you only want to make calls and leave the other ear free for communicating with your bartender.

Call Clarity

Nothing to write home about here. That is, the caller’s voice on the other end is intelligible, but the level of clarity may not be good enough to have in depth discussions about quantum physics. The mic isn’t particularly sensitive either. But listen, let’s give the 53 a break. It’s 50 bucks.

Water Resistance

Taotronics advertises these buds as having an IPX7 waterproof rating. This means that the SoundLiberty 53 should withstand a significant amount of sweat and even a quick splash under the faucet. But no snorkeling. 


The SoundLiberty 53 gives you 5 hours of playtime before having to put the buds back in the case for charging. This is about standard for a pair of true wireless earphones. But here’s the impressive part. In total, the charging case provides a whopping 40 hours of usage. Considering that major brands like Apple and Sennheiser only give you about 25 hours of charge, this is quite a feat.

Bluetooth Version

The Soundliberty 53 supports Bluetooth 5, which is the latest version. So, compared to Bluetooth 4, you can expect fewer dropped signals and better transmission overall.





Yas queen! Deep, punchy and tighter than Zac Efron’s ass, this is one energetic pair of buds that’s perfect for pop and any kind of funky track. Hip-hop fans will also be happy to hear the huge sub-bass response that the Sounliberty 53 produces. And listening to rock and pop-rock tracks, you can expect tons of warmth as well. I have to say, for the price, the level of detail is also impressive. Classical strings have plenty of texture, and the extra presence in the low end gives these kind of instruments a grand and stately feel.


You’ll hear quite a dynamic balance in this range. Though there is some presence in the low mids, the upper midrange is a bit emphasized, placing vocals somewhat forward in the mix. And again, this kind of balance works perfectly for pop tracks with strong vocals. At the same time, you’ll still get a lot of body when listening to rock tunes. So, there’s plenty of meat on the bone for those who appreciate an expansive sounding chorus. 

The separation is also fantastic, especially considering the price point. Listening to folk and acoustic rock, guitar strums had plenty of clean definition. And acoustic instruments, in general, had a decent level of resolve. Lastly, unlike other true wireless models in this price range, there wasn’t a hint of cloudiness to speak of. 


Percussion in this range sounds crispier than a frozen cracker, bringing ample snap to pop and funk tracks. In fact, if you’re Daft Punk fan, you’ll find that this sound signature works perfectly for their tracks. At the same time, the 53 is by no means bright. So, people who are easily fatigued by high frequencies can rest easy. Listening to violins in this range, transparency remains decent, though overall, it has a slightly smoothed over character, which is again, pleasing to the ear. But female vocals may be my favorite thing about this frequency range. Airy and breathy, vocals performed by artists such as Rihanna and Whitney Houston float with gorgeous fluidity.


Not bad for wireless buds. There’s a touch of reverb giving the stage a stadium like feel, specifically with respect to live recordings. And though instrument placement wasn’t pin-point precise, you’ll still hear dimension in terms of height and depth.


Wow. Considering the price, I got a lot more than I expected. In fact, I would put the sound quality on par with the original $160 Apple AirPods. (I haven’t listened to the pricier, new ones yet).  They may not be as sleek, but the sound isolation is far better. And the sound signature is just as versatile. A a rich and vibrant profile with plenty of detail and tons of snap, the Soundliberty 53 is a damn good time.

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TaoTronics SoundLiberty 53 True Wireless Earbuds at Amazon

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