The Best Audiophile Gaming Headsets For PS5 2023

Sony’s PS5 is now entering its third year. Many have become acclimated to its many features and catalog of new games. With this new generation of consoles, the industry has fully embraced quality audio as a major part of the immersive gaming experience. Sony’s tempest 3D audio is a testament to that immersive quality, but you’ll need the right gear to fully absorb yourself in your game’s aural environment. A nice gaming headset will deliver that experience, and you might already have a good pair already. However, you might be curious about what audiophile headphones are all about. Here is a short list that marries the two worlds to deliver the highest quality game audio you can hear through headphones on your PS5.

Beyerdynamic MMX 300

There are a few different versions of Beyerdynamic’s gaming headphones, but the MMX 300 is the best. You’ll have to pay a bit more money for it, but it will be worth it just to hear how much it will add to your gaming experience. Its detail will go beyond the ability of most gaming headsets, and the soundstage will be much bigger too. It’s important for gaming headphones to replicate the dynamic range of the music, dialogue, and sound design, and the MMX 300 will deliver that to you in an articulate manner. They also have a great condenser mic, and you should find them comfortable enough to wear throughout long gaming sessions.

Audio-Technica ATH-GDL3

Open-back headphones are great for gaming, and Audio-Technica is a brand that is widely known across the audio world. So, an open-back gaming headphone from Audio-Technica should be a definite shoo-in for a list like this. The GDL3 gives you an accurate representation of your game’s audio, with a wide soundstage that will do justice to the game’s soundscape. Mic quality is surprisingly clean and the headphone should feel lighter than most closed-back over-ears.


The former Sennheiser-affiliated brand EPOS has a couple of great options for gaming, from wired to Bluetooth headphones. I personally enjoyed the H6Pro the most, as its open-back design and exciting bass brought a heightened experience to my game audio. Ambiances are spacious and wide, hitting hard and communicating scale in a satisfying manner. Its mic is also good quality and detachable.

Audeze Penrose

This is a brand that is most prevalent in audiophile spaces and of the only “high-end” brands that products specifically for gaming. The Penrose is the follow-up to the popular Mobius headphones that were really innovative for gaming headphones. With the Penrose, you’ll get an immersive closed-back experience, with fantastic imaging and mid-range lushness. Its accuracy is the best you’ll hear on closed-back gaming headphones, offering a realistic interpretation of the actual mic of the game.

Audeze LCD GX

If you’re willing to dish out the money on the most extravagant audiophile gaming headphones, the LCD GX is what you’re looking for. Also from Audeze, the GX will be the headphone you probably envision when you think of “audiophile headphones for gaming.” Its build quality is unlike any gaming headphones on the market, featuring high-grade materials like metal and magnesium housing. In the sound department, the GX brings that hyper detail usually associated with high-end headphones.

For gaming, the GX will feel very special and perform like no other headset made for gaming can. The GX adds a ton of depth to your game audio, revealing textures and new detail in a spacious soundstage that will totally immerse you, especially when paired with the PS5’s Tempest 3D audio. These headphones are an investment though, and that also goes for outside of the headphones themselves. You may want to run an external DAC/amp with the GX to give them the power they need to guarantee its intended performance.

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