The Best USB Type C Earbuds 2022

With most consumer earbuds for smartphones transitioning over to true wireless, and Android moving to USC type C, the need for a type C earbud is higher than ever. These types of earbuds can be a perfect companion for your phone, with the best ones delivering you music clearly while also accepting phone calls and activating voice assistant controls. Most of these options are highly affordable, so here are some of the best ones we’d recommend.

Stauss & Wagner EM8C

These have been known to be the affordable audiophile earbuds, as they possess a detailed sound for nowhere near the price of common audiophile IEMs. For only $49.95, the EM8C offers a surprising amount of width in the soundstage, and you get a full picture of the imaging with its grand sense of fullness. The bass is sure to satisfy all types of listeners with its thick and powerful presence, all while staying out of muddy territory. Midrange and high frequencies also highlight enough detail to make the music really pop which is impressive for an earbud like this to handle. Outside of the sound department, you have good call clarity and an easy-to-use remote that does its job well. As a budget earbud, this is pretty much the complete package.

KLIM FusionĀ 

What the fusion has over a lot of other type C earbuds is build quality. This isn’t the kind of earbud you have around for a few months then suddenly they start to fry. The Fusion is made to last, showcasing a cylindrical housing that feels durable, like it’s made from a hard aluminum material instead of common plastic parts. In terms of the sound, it has some booming bass and a smooth top end which is more than enough for a twenty-dollar earbud. So if you’re looking for a type C earbud that isn’t going to break on you, the KLIM Fusion would be the way to go.


As far as comfortability goes, the SoundFlow is definitely one of the best type C options for fit. These are definitely the most in-ear earbuds you might see for type C, coming with a variety of ear tips to help you enjoy the sound for a number of hours without fatigue. They’re perfect not only for Android phones but gaming devices like the Nintendo Switch as well. The SoundFlow should be able to put you through long gaming hours seamlessly without having to adjust the earbuds at all.

Titacute USB C

These are a simple pair of earbuds that are easily enjoyable, with a cozy design and a magnetic housing that avoids tangle. What’s most notable about the Titacute earbuds is its digital DAC that aims to make the most out of the fidelity, and for the most part, it does the job quite well. For a $12 pair of earbuds, it won’t blow you away, but the sound is clear enough to satisfy any type of listener.

CoolMe Stage MagicĀ 

Out of all the selections on this list, the Stage Magic is definitely the flashiest. They may look like an ordinary pair of type c earbuds, but the Stage Magic actually packs a ton of features. You have a bass boost option with their Super bass option, and a gaming mode that has a spatial audio function that aims to mimic 7.1 surround sound. With these buds, you’ll have the most control over the sound than any other type C earbud on this list, and they’re only $22.99.

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