The Best Wired Earphones With A Mic

A lot of earbuds these days are not only used as a way to enjoy your music on the go but to use as a tool for phone calls as well. Budget earbuds usually come with an attached mic no problem, but good quality IEMs with remote mics are harder to come by. However, there are a few standout names that have no problem giving you great sound quality with an attached mic without having to switch out the cable. Here are a few models I would recommend.

Moondrop Chu

One of the most recent selections to release, the Moondrop Chu immediately became one of the most sought-after mic-included earphones on the market. This is partly due to Moondrop’s standard for sound quality, but the $19 price tag increases its value significantly. The Chu is now regarded as one of the best twenty-dollar earphones currently available, and it deserves those accolades, just make sure you’re getting the version with the remote mic, as there is another version that comes with just a regular cable.

Kinera BD005 Pro

Kinera is one of my go-to IEM brands, so the BD005 Pro is a no-brainer. This is the most IEM-like product to include a mic, making this one of the best selections you can get. Their fit is nice and snug, its sound signature is warm and comes with a beautiful design that you would expect from a brand like Kinera.

Strauss & Wagner EM205

This is probably the simplest choice on this list, but an effective one nonetheless. The EM205 is a MajorHiFi favorite and continues to be in many different categories. If you’re looking for a pair of earbuds like this one that goes straight to USB-C, also check out the EM8C from Strauss and Wagner.


BGVP has a lot of good IEMs in various price ranges, but the DN1s is the only one to include a cable with a mic. This brand also sells a cable in both MMCX and 2-pin that has an attached remote mic. The DN1s themselves have a good soundstage with a meaty bass at a good price. They should not be overlooked.

Final Audio E3000C

If there was a more sure bet on this list, it would be the E3000C from Final Audio. Final’s E series is a great selection of earphones, with a fine product in a variety of price points. The E3000c isn’t the only one of Final’s selections with a mic, there’s also the E1000c and the VR3000. However, I find the E3000c to be the best of the three, with a cleaner sound and a wider stage to enjoy.

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