The Sennheiser Momentum 4 Is Here

After months of speculation, Sennheiser has officially revealed their latest over-ear Bluetooth headphone from the acclaimed Momentum series. The Momentum 3 set a high bar for its wireless brand, and the new Momentum 4 is looking to raise it even higher with new upgrades and features. The sound signature, battery life, and ANC are all looking to have significant changes on the Momentum 4, as well as bolstering a sleek new design that aims to provide maximum comfort to its listener.

With Sennheiser primarily being known for its excellent sonic clarity, and with the Momentum 4’s 42mm driver, they look to bring that expectation to their wireless brand. The Momentum 4 is designed to bring out the best musicality, with improved dynamics and clean resolution. Even in noisy environments, the Momentum 4 wants to ensure that no detail is missed.

Other improved areas include Sennheiser’s next-generation ANC which looks to rival the best in the market, with an alternative transparency mode that allows for environmental awareness. The battery life is being touted as one of the largest upgrades to the Momentum 4, with an advertised 60 hours of playtime. This doesn’t even include the extra six hours of charge you get from an extra 10 minutes of charge.

The Sennheiser Momentum 4 is now available to pre-order, and will officially launch on August 23rd, 2022. They will cost $349.95. Pre-order yours now at Audio46.

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