These New RGB Microphones From CHERRY XTRFY Are Made For Gaming & Streaming

CHERRY XTRFY is known for its high standards in gaming peripherals. They have a wide selection of keyboards, switches, mice, and headsets that work in many different environments. They use high-quality parts that work for more than just gaming but also in professional environments. Now, CHERRY XTRFY looks to expand its library of gaming peripherals with its first set of microphones.

The Ngale series is being launched with two new mics designed for gaming and streaming. They offer a clear sound supported by large mic capsules and switchable low-cut filters, while also featuring an elegant, retro-inspired design that adds to your gaming aesthetic.

Ngale R

This Ngale R not only impresses with its design but also with its performance. The standalone USB microphone prioritizes sound quality over multiple polar patterns, featuring one large, high-quality cardioid capsule for streaming, voiceovers, and solo recordings with greater detail. When gaming intensively, a low-cut filter can be activated to reduce noise.
The plug-and-play functionality allows for effortless installation by connecting the microphone directly to the computer. In addition, it has innovative RGB lighting with different colors and effects. Simply touching the top of the microphone can mute it; the RGB lighting indicates that the recording is stopped. The microphone combines style with high performance and ease of use, specifically aimed at gamers, streamers, and creators.

Ngale X

The Ngale X premium model combines XLR and USB functionality in a dynamic microphone designed for professional recordings. With a larger cardioid capsule for premium sound, the microphone offers excellent performance at an affordable price. The microphone features a low-cut filter to minimize unwanted noise when gaming, as well as RGB lighting that glows red when the microphone is muted. It can be connected to mixers or other professional audio devices via XLR, or simply connected directly to the computer via a USB port. With versatile functionality and first-class sound quality, this CHERRY XTRFY premium hybrid microphone offers both professionals and newcomers the opportunity to create high-quality recordings.

The Ngale R and Ngale X are now available directly from CHERRY XTRFY.

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