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ThieAudio has a wide selection of IEMs in various price ranges, and from listening to a select few already, this should be a brand on your radar. Recently I got to test out the sought-after Clairvoyance IEM, and have been excited to share my experience. I’ve heard a lot about it previously, but I have restrained myself from looking too much into it before I finally get to listen to these IEMs myself. They reach that higher mid-fi price range of $699, so it is one of ThieAudio’s main products available. Does it warrant the accolades?

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What You Get

  • Clairvoyance IEMs
  • 3.5mm or 4.4mm cable
  • Hard case
  • Foam and silicone ear tips
  • Cleaning cloth

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Look and Feel

So far, ThieAudio’s selections all have great aesthetic designs to them, but the Clairvoyance really takes the cake in some respects. The artistry on its outer shell is striking, to say the least, combining various patterns underneath a glossy resin surface. When looking at them for the first time, I didn’t think that the actual size of the IEMs would be as big as they were. This can definitely affect the amount of comfort you get from them in some cases, but I had no issue with its fit. To me, the IEM sits naturally in your ear cavity, offering enough support to keep you from re-adjusting them.

ThieAudio cable


The Clairvoyance uses a tribrid design, featuring a single dynamic driver, 5 balanced armature drivers, and 2 electrostatic drivers.

  • Impedance: 32ohm
  • Sensitivity: 110db at 1KHZ


There are a few things the Clairvoyance does exceptionally well and that’s layering. While the soundstage doesn’t extend in width too impressively, the level of depth showcased here presents a clear and articulate image. You’ll get more of an inward sensation than what you might be looking for in an immersive headspace, but spatially, all of the elements come together well enough. This effectively gives the imaging a lot more solidity, centering some of the positionings which might not be ideal, but the layering is structured enough to localize each element accurately.

Low End

Nothing about the Clairvoyance in the lows seems to really pop out significantly. However, the timbre is still clean and it helps give you a good sense of balance with the rest of the frequency response. If you’re worried you won’t get enough lift from the sub-bass you won’t need to worry, as the Clairvoyance provides a smooth vibration to its bottom end. There’s a warmth to its tonality that extends well into the mid-bass as well, adding texture without clouding some of the finer details in unwanted resonance. When it comes together in the sound signature, the frequencies have a solid body, but their gain is a little on the softer side.


The midrange of the Clairvoyance is definitely where the frequencies start to give the sound signature a bit more power. They command a much larger presence in their range and give off a richer timbre when considering a multitude of instruments and vocals. They also do a fantastic job texturing these details, elevating performances like intimate piano tunes from singer/songwriters or acoustic ballads. Their timbre brings you in closer to the track’s acoustic space, allowing for greater immersion and making it a bit easier to determine all of the intricate details the midrange has to offer.


For the treble, the Clairvoyance plays it pretty safe. A good amount of clarity but without any significant tonal identity. They aren’t dull though, as they still preserve a natural flavor that definitely benefits the sound signature on a whole. It’s a digestible timbre no matter the genre and gives a respectable top end to finish off certain instruments.


I’m mostly happy with what I’ve heard from the Clairvoyance. It makes a strong case in this price range, especially if you want something with a warm timbre. It does a good job maintaining depth and clarity while not always being particularly showy about it. I appreciated its lush midrange and excellent separation in its soundstage, and for me, that makes it worth the price alone. Then take into account its beautiful design, and you have something that will make a strong case for you to purchase one.

Pros  Cons
  • Soundstage separation 
  • Rich midrange 
  • Natural treble
  • Beautiful design
  • Great cable 
  • Housing might be too big for some
  • Underemphasized bass

The ThieAudio Clairvoyance is available at Audio46.

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