This is Why the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Exploded, Allegedly

Why the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Exploded

Finally we have it folks, the reason why the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploded, allegedly.

This is Why the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Exploded, Allegedly

As Hype Beast explains via The Korea Herald, the electronics tech giant has concluded their investigation of the Galaxy Note 7 and it’s tendency to catch fire. The analysis and findings were reported to the concerned parties and labs, such as the Korea Testing Laboratory and UL.

Reportedly, here’s why the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploded. The entire debacle is owed to a manufacturing defect of Samsung’s SDI battery as well as the engineering of the phone itself. The Note 7 was constructed too small for its own battery. This pinched the pins too close to one another which subsequently increased the risk of fire and explosions. That being said, at this time Samsung has not advised when it will release these findings to the public. So its all rumor monger for now.

Regardless, if you were living under a rock during the past few months let’s catch you up on what went down concerning the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The cellphone began to catch major headlines as an explosive device after AT&T and T-Mobile took action against the sale and distribution of the mobile phone in September after stories began to surface of phones begin to emit smoke. In early October, an entire airplane was evacuated once a passenger’s phone began to fill the cabin with smoke. The Note 7 was officially laid to rest and discontinued on October 11, with the Korean company citing “customer’s safety” as their highest priority.

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