Tin HiFi T2 DLC Review

TinHifi T2 DLC Review

There aren’t a lot of brands that have an extensive selection of Tin HiFi. This year alone, I have tested a ton of IEMs from them, the most recent being their planar P1 Max model. They have a ton of options with different price ranges so that there is something for everyone. The T2 DLC is the latest IEM from Tin HiFi that I’ve been able to listen to. It is another affordable earphone that costs $59. Here is what you can expect.

TinHiFi Cable

What You Get

  • T2 DLC IEMs
  • 5N 8-core silver-plated cable
  • 5 sets of silicone ear tips
  • 1 set of foam ear tips

TinHiFi Single

Look and Feel

These earphones are some of the smallest in Tin HiFi’s selection. The actual ear tips might take up more space in your ear than the housing. They have a cool metal shell which is nice for the price, and it should show value in terms of this IEMs lifespan. For comfort, the T2 DLC gives you plenty of security, and enough comfort to not be distracting while inserted in your ear.

TinHiFi Cable


Inside the T2 DLC is a 10mm dynamic driver. Its DLC namesake actually comes from the DLC composite diaphragm, which enhanced dynamics and decreases vibration.

  • Impedance: 16Ω±15%
  • Sensitivity: 102dB/mW
  • Frequency range: 12-40000Hz

TinHiFi Pair


I’ve been pleasantly surprised with a good amount of IEM soundstages in this range. The T2 DLC is more in-line with what you’ll hear most of the time with fifty-dollar IEMs. It is an inoffensive soundstage that strays away from feeling too centered but doesn’t extend too far. Don’t expect the T2 DLC to break too far out of its linear imaging. While the stereo placement is admirable for the price, the imaging is nothing out of the ordinary. Instruments have average separation but stretch nicely across the sound spectrum. What’s going to make the T2 DLC appear like it has a larger stage is its positioning of bass elements. You won’t get much height or depth from the T2 DLC, but the lows do touch down with some form of spaciousness. So, the T2 DLC does have a few tricks up its sleeve here, but it still felt standard compared to other IEMs with a similar price point.

Low End

The bass here really tries to make an impression, and it largely succeeds. Its response knows when to dive deep and shake you up a bit. You’ll feel a fun groove that smoothly energizes the lows in a way that is sure to amuse any listener. No matter what genre of music you’re listening to, the bass of the T2 TLC will give the track a solid body of frequency to showcase.


While the low-mids offer good emphasis, other frequency bands don’t receive the same treatment. In the low-mids, the T2 DLC offers a solid foundation for instruments. It adds weight to some of the performances and fills out the sound signature in a gratifying fashion. The distorted crunch of electric guitars was the highlight here, providing drive and excitement to the music. I don’t think vocals, or many other midrange elements fare the same way. Sometimes vocal performances take a back seat, grounding themselves on a flat surface while other parts of the mix overpower them. Vocals are nowhere near unintelligible, it’s just they never spring forward as they should.


There’s a noticeable bit of spark in the highs that I greatly enjoyed with the T2 DLC. I found that it made up for some shortcomings in the upper mids, adding more character to certain instruments and effects. You’ll find a well-controlled shine to these highs that never shout or feel harsh. I don’t think the treble really glimmers at all, but the attempt at light sparkle is appreciated. It is like there’s clickiness to the highs, but the T2 DLC can’t really handle crispness.


Having heard a lot from Tin HiFi, it is easy to recommend anything from the brand. It makes it easy especially when the product is so affordable. The T2 DLC has some flaws with its sound signature, but if you aren’t as picky, they have a lot to offer. You get some heft in the bass and some nice highs, with an average soundstage that holds everything together. For $59, there’s going to be a good amount of listeners that will enjoy the T2 DLC.

Pros  Cons
  • Impactful bass
  • Emphasized low-mids
  • Present highs
  • Good build
  • Supportive in the ear
  • Price 
  • Dull upper-mids
  • Linear soundstage 

The Tin HiFi T2 DLC is available at Linsoul.

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