Top 5 IEMs Under $1500

Top 5 IEMs Under $1500

With respect to IEM sound, at around the $1000 mark, you may be able to find that unicorn you’ve been chasing. There are some killer earbuds in this price range, and if you’re new to the audiophile world, you’ll likely be dazzled when you try any of the great IEMs on this list. Like a fine wine, at this price point, the choice becomes less about sound quality, and more about the personality of the sound signature. So, which is the best IEM for you?

Beyerdynamic Xelento Remote 2nd Generation

Price: $999

The famous German brand, Beyerdynamic is highly regarded amongst audio engineers and recording artists for its exceptionally precise reference sound. And if you’re looking for a relatively neutral sound signature, the Xelento Remote 2nd Generation is hard to beat at $999. Natural and incredibly transparent, while also very musical, the Xelento Remote 2nd Generation is ideal for audiophiles looking for an unadulterated, yet utterly pleasing sound. Those who appreciate luxury will also enjoy the classy silver shell design with 24-karat gold engraving.

You can buy the Beyerdynamic Xelento 2nd Generation at Audio 46.

Beyerdynamic Xelento Remote Top 5 IEMs

Campfire Andromeda 2020

Price: $1099

You can’t release a Top 5 IEM List without mentioning this classic. Before the market became saturated with IEMs, the Campfire Andromeda stood out as the best in its class. And personally, I still think it ranks as one of the highest performing and most pleasing sounding IEMs in this price range. Warm, fast and beautifully balanced, with a punchy, tasteful bass, sparkly highs and big soundstage, the Andromeda sound is impossible to replicate. If you have yet to experience a high-end IEM, these green jewels will blow you away.

You can buy the Campfire Andromeda 2020 at Audio 46.

Campfire Andromeda 2020 Top 5 IEMs

SeeAudio Neo

Price: $1099

Apart from the Campfire Andromeda, the SeeAudio Neo might be my favorite sound signature on this list. The Neo sports 10 balanced armature drivers with a shimmering purple shell design. While these IEMs present a very even balance, there is nothing boring about the sound. Fast and glittery, with incredible separation, the Neo’s sound signature feels floating and buoyant. If you’re looking for tons of bass, the Neo might not be for you. But if you’re looking to add a graceful and charismatic sound signature to your IEM arsenal, then you should definitely give the SeeAudio Neo a try.

You can buy the SeeAudio Neo at Audio 46.

SeeAudio Neo Top 5 IEMs

Empire Ears Hero SE

Price: $1349

If you’re one of the many audiophiles who simply must own an Empire Ears IEM but can’t afford to dish out for the flagship Legend X, the Hero SE is a solid alternative. Sporting a quad hybrid driver design – dynamic subwoofer, and three balanced armatures for mids, mid-highs, and highs – the Hero SE delivers a fast and energetic bass as well as a generous sub-bass response. Vocals sit forward and the highs sparkle. In short, this is one dynamic and super fun headphone.

You can buy the Empire Ears Hero SE at Audio 46.

Empire Ears Hero Top 5 IEMs

ThieAudio V16 Divinity

Price: $1499

If you’d like to trail away from more conventional, higher priced IEM brands, ThieAudio is a fantastic option. Rapidly gaining attention from audiophiles is ThieAudio’s V16 Divinity. Boasting 16 balanced armature drivers (yep) and a 26AWG 0CC silver-plated cable, the V16 Divinity an equally skilled, yet more affordable alternative to something like 64 Audio’s U12t. These IEMs strike the difficult balance between presenting ultra precise and detailed sound and also offering a little character. With a lively bass, vivid highs and a nice even midrange, these IEMs are the perfect choice for those looking for top-of-the-line resolution that doesn’t sound too sterile.

You can buy the ThieAudio V16 Divinity at Audio 46.

ThieAudio V16 Divinity Top 5 IEMs

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