Top 7 Black Friday Headphone and Earbud Deals

Top 7 Black Friday Headphone and Earbud Deals

It’s that time of year when just about everything you want, and didn’t know you wanted, is on sale. It’s easy to get lost in the wave of discounts and miss out on some of the most premium sales going on right now on items that rarely see such sharp price drops. To help you figure out what you want to buy, here are the top 7 Black Friday headphone and earbud deals that are going on right now.

Empire Ears Legend Evo 20% Off (3,099 $2,479)

Empire Ears, Legend Evo, IEM, in-ear monitor, black friday

In some circles, the Evo is top dog when it comes to high-end in-ear monitors. Each bud contains a maximalist technical design that features 16 drivers. What really makes the Legend Evo what it is, though? That would the Weapon X bone conductor driver that sends its powerful bass literally rattling through a listener’s skull. Normally priced at $3099, Audio46 is offering a 20% Black Friday discount. I’ll save you from the calculator: that’s an insane $620 off one of the most elite IEMs on the market right now. Take those savings and put them towards…well, I don’t know, another IEM I                                                                       guess.

Empire Ears’ Legend Evo is available and discounted here from Audio46 as part of their Black Friday deals.

64 Audio U12t ($1,999 $1,599), and the Tia Fourte ($3,599 $2,879)

64 Audio, Tia Fourte, IEM, in-ear monitor, black friday

I was originally just going to mention the steep discount on 64 Audio’s famous U12t in-ear monitor for this list item, until I noticed that the even more elite Tia Fourte has the same 20% off deal. For those unfamiliar with these IEMs, the U12t impressively features 12 balanced armature drivers, while the Tia Fourte features 3 balanced armatures, one dynamic, and the innovative “tia” tubeless driver design. The 20% discount on these IEMs will save you $500 on the U12t and $720 on the Tia Fourte. 64 Audio is one of the most coveted IEM manufacturers, and it is verifiably not normal to see such steep discounts on their products. If you’ve been eyeing the U12t or the Tia Fourte from a distance and waiting anxiously to pull the buy trigger, it seems like now would be the time.

64 Audio’s U12t and Tia Fourte are available and discounted at Audio46 as part of their Black Friday headphone deals.

Sennheiser HD 650 ($550 $340) and HD 800S ($1,799 $1,399)

Sennheiser, HD 800s, open-back, headphones, black friday

Whether you know it as the HurDur Six Hungos or its proper name, the Sennheiser HD 650 is a bona fide classic that has dominated the open-back audiophile scene since its inception. Now it’s getting a whopping 38% discount from Audio46. A $210 discount on an elite classic that normally retails somewhere around $600 is nothing to sneeze at, and is an extremely tempting buy for some one like myself who’s looking for some new mixing headphones that won’t break the bank. If your pockets are a little deeper, the legendary Sennheiser HD 800S is seeing a 22% discount, AKA a $400 price drop to $1400 from $1800. The savings from the HD 800S alone give you enough to buy the discounted HD 650 with some change left over.

The Sennheiser HD 650 and HD 800S are available and discounted at Audio46 as part of their Black Friday headphone deals.

     Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro ($599 $439), T1 ($999 $699), and        T5 ($999 $699)

Beyerdynamic, DT 1990 Pro, over-ear, headphones, black friday

There are some pretty great deals all up and down the Beyerdynamic product line, but the DT 1990 Pro, T1 and the T5 really stand out for being among the highest quality models from the company with the steepest price drops. Audiophiles are likely familiar with the T1 and T5 for (arguably) being the most elite models from the company for their premium, tilted tesla drivers that provide vivid imaging while maintaining a full and analytical balance that Beyerdynamic has built its reputation on. The DT 1990 Pro might be one of the most famous models from the company, and appears in pro studios, bedroom studios, HiFi listening set ups, and audiophiles’ headphone collections for its reference-quality flat response that still packs a satisfying low end. At the end of the day, I’m struggling with deciding between the DT 1990 Pro and the previously mentioned Sennheiser HD 650 to upgrade my in-the-box mixing set up.

They Beyerdyanmic DT 1990 Pro, T1, and T5 are available and discounted at Audio46 as part of their Black Friday headphone deals.

Sivga SV023 ($449 $379)

Sivga, SV023, open-back, over-ear, headphones

This mid priced open-back from Sivga is an underrated bargain as it is, and even received our MajorHiFi Gold Award when it was first released. Now, it’s seeing a $69 price drop and priced at only $380. Look, I get it: “Some random headphone company I’ve never heard of, great, thanks.” Sivga is up-and-coming, and isn’t as obscure as it is a yet-to-be-discovered gem. As a result, you can generally count on getting a lot of value out of what you spend on a Sivga headphone. The SV023 has a highly balanced sound, so much so that they can likely find dual purpose as a pair of reference headphones. Its low end and mid responses are nearly perfectly flat, while the high frequency response from about 2 kHz upwards very closely follows the Harman curve. This results in a very natural and revealing sound signature that gracefully avoids harsh sibilants and shrill, unnatural harmonic emphasis. Aside from how they sound, Sivga’s SV023 is a looker with its unique walnut wood housing striking a visually appealing contrast to its metallic open-back grill. If you’re looking for a unique open back with excellent sound quality and a comfortable fit from a hidden gem of a company, the deal on the SV023 is one to take seriously. (Seems relevant to also note that the classy case that the SV023 comes with makes it pretty impressive holiday gift as well).

The Sivga SV023 is available and discounted here at Audio46 as part of their Black Friday headphone deals.

Sony WF-1000XM4 True Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones ($279 $179)

Sony, WF 1000XM4, earbuds, wireless, anc

If you’ve wised up and started looking at companies outside of Apple and Beats for your wireless earbuds, Sony’s WF-1000XM4 might be one of the main ones on your radar. They’re certainly one of the most popular and smart alternatives. I don’t think I need to say much to explain that high quality $279 wireless earbuds seeing a $100 price drop is a ridiculously enticing bargain, going from being a moderate investment to a realistic and attainable gift idea. The WF-1000XM4 found its popularity thanks to its universally pleasing, easy going sound signature, and for the high-quality active noise cancellation that Sony is famous for.

The Sony WF-1000XM4 is available and discounted here at Audio46 as part of their Black Friday headphone deals.

Strauss and Wagner ANCBT501 ANC Headphones ($129 $79), and SI2021 Earbuds ($50 $40)

Strauss and Wagner, SI2021, earbuds

Here, we have some high quality stocking stuffers that are an excellent value buy. The Strauss and Wagner ANCBT501 fills a niche that you don’t see too frequently: very affordably priced ANC wireless headphones. Usually priced right around $130, they’re seeing a 38% price drop down to $80. Look, the ANC isn’t going to vacuum seal your ears like the Sony WH-1000XM5 or the Sennheiser Momentum 4, but it does at suck some of the noise out of the environment around you. Its forte lies in its sound quality, which genuinely surprised me for being rather clean and surprisingly wide for a cheap pair of wireless over-ears. For the most economic option on this list, it’s worth looking into the SI2021 sound isolating earbuds from Strauss and Wagner as well, which have gone from $50 to $40. Again, Strauss and Wagner is an upcoming brand that you might not have heard about, and as a result have been fighting hard for accolades by putting out high quality and affordable consumer audio products. I watch my mom plug the most ungodly, awful $7 earbuds into her head when I’m visiting, and will probably be slipping the SI2021 into her stocking as an act of mercy. Plus, the come with a decent mic, which is pretty great for the price.

The Strauss and Wagner ANCBT501 and SI2021 are available and discounted at Audio46 as part of their Black Friday headphone deals.

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