ToughTested ProComm Wireless Headset, Built to Last

ToughTested ProComm Wireless Headset

You may not know ToughTested but you should. ToughTested ProComm Wireless Headset is made to survive the most rigorous of environments – and probably a zombie apocalypse.

ToughTested ProComm Wireless Headset, Built to Last

Build & Design

ToughTested ProComm wireless headset was clearly designed for those blue collar workers who want to go wireless, but can’t get away with sporting those fancy-looking pieces that are at risk of damage in a rigorous environment.

As for the fit, initially, I felt the Flexfoam tips were going to expand and pop out of my ears, but they actually fit pretty well inside my ear canal. The earphones ship with both Flexfoam and flanged ear tips. The Flexfoam tips provided effectively reduce noise to 23 decibels as measured by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The flanged tips are for an accurate and secure fit.

As for the body, I could feel how durable these earbuds were upon removing them from their packaging. The entire body, including the speakers and the neck cable, are covered in heavy-duty material. There’s also Kevlar cabling connecting the speakers to both earpieces and they are just as tough, bound in braided nylon fabric with magnetic ends that attach top the tip of each speaker. This makes for unbelievably easy storage when you no longer need to wear them in your ears. I feel that this tough exterior makes ProComm slightly heavier than other wireless headsets with a neckband. It isn’t terribly heavy, but enough to make me notice when I first held them. That wasn’t necessarily the case once I put them in.


ProComm is built with a 10 noise cancelling microphone, paired with Flexfoam buds with a noise reduction rating of 23 decibels, listeners get a pretty solid listening experience, unbothered by your surrounding environment. As for run time, ProComm will get you about 15 hours of talk time, but up to 22 hours of music playback. The speaker units at both ends of the wireless neckband can be used in headphone or speaker mode. When initially paired, ProComm is in headphone mode meaning your audio will stream through the earbuds. But press the earbud/speaker toggle next to the charging port on the right unit, and audio will stream aloud, through the speaker. This feature is pretty cool if you would like to hear your music or call without inserting your ear tips. The audio is loud enough for you to hear without filling an entire room. The right speaker unit also houses buttons for adjusting the volume, answering calls, and switching back and forth between tracks. Also, the headset vibrates when you receive a call.

ToughTested ProComm wireless headset is also water and dust resistant with an IP rating of IP54 meaning this headphone’s enclosures protect against dust entry and splashing water damage.

ToughTested ProComm Wireless Headset


When it comes to sound, these headphones are pretty good. They aren’t audiophile grade, but I don’t think their intended audience is necessarily looking for that. The headphones deliver full-sounding audio which I like and is necessary if you’re out in the field driving a tractor or what not. The bass is present and deeper than I was expecting. It’s enough to appease those who’d call themselves bassheads. The mids and highs are also full without sounding too forward or harsh. Like I’ve already mentioned, this earphone is not for those critically-listening but looking for some hands-free musical enjoyment in a tough environment and these headphones can definitely do it. I think ToughTested ProComm wireless headset is well worth the $79.99 price tag.


Driver: 9.2mm

Frequency Response Range: 20 – 20kHz

Impedance: 16 Ohms

Sensitivity: 105±5dB @ 1kHz

Run Time: 15 Hours Talk, 22 Hours Music Playback

Charge Time: 1 Hour

Bluetooth Version: 4.1

Overall Performance

I like that ToughTested ProComm wireless headset is optimized to provide users with the best in run time and wear. The company doesn’t bother with a bunch of additional fancy features, just the ones that matter. These buds are so durable the company includes a 5-year warranty. Grab ToughTested ProComm wireless headset from ToughTested or at the lowest price on Amazon.

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