TOZO Tonal Fits T21 Review

TOZO is a great brand for people looking for inexpensive earbuds that sound good and come with tons of features. If you’re looking for something that resembles something familiar like classic Apple AirPods, TOZO has an answer in the Tonal Fits T21. Is it too similar to what it takes inspiration from, or is its own thing completely?

What You Get

  • Tonal Fit earbuds
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Quick guide

TOZO Tonal Fits T21 single

Look & Feel

Just taking one look at the Tonal Fits, it is easy to know exactly what design TOZO is trying to replicate. However, the Tonal Fits aren’t just a cheap knock-off. It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a pair of true wireless earbuds that have this pod-shaped design with no ear tips. It made me remember that I did not miss this aspect of older earbuds. I appreciate that they feel very light in your ears, but that doesn’t exactly translate to comfort for me.

TOZO Tonal Fits T21 case

Design & Functionality

The Tonal Fits incorporate 14.2mm dynamic drivers, and they give the earbuds some significant loudness for the price. There’s no need to boost these earbuds too high, as you should be able to reach a comfortable gain with headroom to spare. As far as its controls go, the sensors on the buds are very sensitive. You’re almost certain an action will be active anytime you touch these earbuds, but sometimes that leads to unintended playback. There aren’t a ton of features supported here like ANC, but you can connect the Tonal Fits to TOZO’s companion app. This app houses an EQ that you can customize with a variety of presets.


The Tonal Fits pair very quickly, and have high bandwidth thanks to Bluetooth 5.3. Standard CODECs are supported here, as others like aptX and LDAC are not listed.

Battery Life

You should be able to get around ten hours of playtime from a single charge. With the charging case, it adds up to a whopping 44 hours, which is very impressive for the price.

TOZO Tonal Fits T21


Even with a fairly standard true wireless soundstage, the Tonal Fits don’t commit any sins. Everything is easy enough to distinguish and digest in an organized way. That can be seen as a considerable feat for a simple pair of affordable earbuds. Stereo imaging is maintained respectably, featuring identifiable left and right channels that are well-balanced. Most sound elements feel flattened, but depending on the genre of the track it will still appear full. There’s an admirable width here for the price, and the imaging makes somewhat of an effort to be spatially consistent.

Low End

There are some cool things you can do with EQ to make this bass come alive, but its default state provides the most balance. The tone always stays at a surface level of detail, but the presence always appears satisfying. Something as simple as using the rock EQ preset in the app gives the lows enough drive to feel full and lively. There’s a minimal level of mid-bass fog, but don’t expect any significant finesse or snap to the response.


I don’t think anyone is expecting tons of detail here, but the Tonal Fits make it work. With a midrange response like this, it’s hard to avoid dull textures, but these earbuds are mostly inoffensive otherwise. Vocals piece through the confused mids well enough, and even showcase a bit of a forward aura. It doesn’t quite escape its fogginess, but the Tonal Fits at least keeps sound elements within a specific area of resonance.


Putting on a high shelf using EQ in the app is the best way to get a good response from the treble. The upper-mids do most of the leg work, but bits of sizzle work their way into the sound signature and elevate it quite a bit. There’s a steep roll-off that appears like a hard limit on how far the frequencies can expand. Thankfully, there’s enough frequency content featured here that makes up for its lack of reach.


For a simple pair of twenty-five-dollar wireless earbuds, I found a lot to enjoy. There are some serious flaws with them, but it gets the basics right and that’s really all you can ask for in these types of earbuds. If you’re looking for something that you don’t need to think too hard about, then the TOZO Tonal Fits might be a good choice.

Pros Cons
  • Good but basic soundstage
  • Solid bass
  • Mostly clear highs
  • In-app EQ
  • Impressive battery life
  • Price
  • Dull mids
  • Very sensitive touch sensors
  • Not the most comfortable earbuds

The TOZO Tonal Fits T21 is available on Amazon.

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