Trex Headphones Wireless Ear Pieces

“What are those?!” is literally the phrase I thought of when glimpsing Trex headphones, truly wireless and futuristic looking  earphones.

Trex Headphones Wireless Ear Pieces

Each ear piece looks like a prop taken straight out of a futuristic sci-fi flick. TrTrex Headphonesex consists of two tiny arched earpieces with an earbud attached to one end.  The bud fits inside the ear while the silicon shell is made to conform to the shape of the ear for a secure fit. The outer coating is waterproof, though not 100 percent. Via their Indiegogo campaign, Trex team say the earpieces can survive a sweaty dance party in Ibiza and 5K runs. The San Francisco company reported part of their campaign  profits will be used to create the completely waterproof model.

As a wireless headphone, Trex naturally doesn’t feature a cable, but rather Bluetooth 4.1 and aptX technology to connect with any smart device. The swipe controls give users the ability to seamlessly adjust the volume of their music, skip back and forth between tracks, and take calls.

Trex Headphones

Using the world’s first magnetic power sharing technology, the wireless ear pieces are able to communicate with one another to charge, which will power Trex for up to 10 hours. P.S. the same magnet-based tech allows each of the earphones to stick together in your purse or pocket so you don’t lose them.

Trex is said to provide stellar, unmatched sound quality. Sound engineers equipped the headphones with dynamic driver technology to deliver high resolution audio. The Trex team reports the headphones should be able to achieve deep bass as well as clear and salient mids and highs.

Trex headphones are available in three different sleek colorways: Magneto Silver, Jet Black, and Pearl White. The crowd-sourcing campaign for these polished-looking buds was 155 percent funded last summer. However, those interested in snagging a pair can still get one via their campaign page at the “Early Adopter” rate of $299.

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