Tripowin Cencibel Review

Tripowin Cencibel Review

Tripowin has been releasing more budget IEMs this year, giving listeners more options to enter into the hobby. I reviewed the new Olina SE very recently and was yet again impressed by what this brand can do in this price range. Their Cencibel IEMs are even cheaper at $49. Does it garner the same acclaim?

Tripowin Items

What You Get

  • Cencibel IEMs
  • Zipper carrying case
  • Two sets of silicone ear tips
  • 2-pin to 2.5mm cable
  • User guide

Tripowin Single

Look and Feel

The Cencibel is a different direction for Tripowin in terms of design. It is a small housing with a black resign shell. The faceplate is inlayed with cool swirl patterns and a glossy logo. To ensure a comfortable fit, the Cencibel is molded with an ergonomic shape. I had no issue with their fit and was able to wear them for many hours.

Tripowin Cable


Inside the Cencibel is a 9.8mm dynamic driver nano-carbon graphene diaphragm. Tripowin looks to improve its dynamics with this design, as well as enhance the coherency of the signal.

  • Frequency range: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Sensitivity(1KHz): 107dBSPL/mW
  • Impedance(1KHz): 30Ω

Tripowin Pair


There is a fairly standard stereo image on the Cencibel. For its price, this isn’t much of an issue. Its width has nice extension in the left and right channels, with sound elements appearing on a fairly even plain. Spatially there’s certainly room for a bit of heightened layering but not much. Most of the image appears inward, but some elements like vocals have a bit of openness. You can feel performances stroke the edge of your headspace almost coming outward. When the mix comes together, the Cencibel is able to do it justice. You get a small bubble of sound that is positioned with somewhat more dimension than you would expect for fifty dollars.

Low End

A lot of budget IEMs like to make an impression with their bass, and the Cencibel is another example of that. Its texture is smooth but can provide subtle vibration from the sub-bass. This establishes a bass with a more solid body without adding artificial thickness to the timbre. The bass is more naturally resonant this way, focusing on clarity over power. With that being said, there’s still a good impact here. There’s a satisfying rumble here that gave me enough to bite on.


The mids separate themselves quite nicely here. It is a clean timbre that balances its elements with a natural presence. Instruments come through with good definitions with just the slightest amount of weight behind each note. The low-mids don’t have as much as much drive to them as the upper mids, but still, take good shape in the mix. Vocals take the most detailed range of frequencies. Performances are surprisingly vivid for Cencibel’s price point, offering heightened voices with interesting artifacts.


While the treble hosts some edge, it avoids overt brightness. Its bite is limited to thin spurts of color here and there. Some of the high-mids get accentuated to add some color, but most of the response is actually quite airy. It makes for a pleasant profile for the price, even when it feels like they could use more height.


After listening to many budget IEMs at a similar price, the Cencibel is yet another one that is worthy of your consideration. Its sound signature might be fairly standard, but for the price, its ability goes well beyond. You can rarely go wrong with a set of earphones like this, and it is a great place to start as an introduction to the world of IEMs.

Pros  Cons
  • Good layering
  • Clean bass
  • Expressive vocals
  • Airy highs
  • Ergonomic design
  • Price 
  • Crowded market

The Tripowin Cencibel is available from Linsoul.

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