Tronsmart Element T6 Review

Tronsmart Element T6 Review

Headphones and earphones aside, there’s nothing I enjoy reviewing more than Bluetooth speakers.  Having just snubbed my nose at those poindexters from Alienware and the marketing bros at Ferrari, I’m sitting down today to test out the Element T6 from Tronsmart.  But does this $45 portable speaker deliver the goods?  Or is it just another wireless speaker lost in the hubbub?  MajorHifi investigates.

Tronsmart Element T6 Review

Tronsmart Element T6 Review

The Element T6 arrives in a top-notch cardboard holding receptacle – in other words, a box.  Inside, you’ll find the speaker, a warranty card, an owner’s manual, and a USB charging cable.  A 3.5 mm aux cable is also thoughtfully included.

Designed to sit on it’s end, the cylindrical speaker features a control panel located at the top of the unit.  Buttons control power and playback, with a dedicated button for accepting incoming phone calls.  A textured dial surrounding the top plate adjusts volume.

And, speaking of volume, the Element T6 has plenty to spare.  I found it hard to push this speaker up to maximum volume as a result.  However, the louder the volume, the better the Element T6 sounds.  So if you’re the type to really, really rock out, you’ll love this speaker.

Bluetooth connection remains quick and painless, and almost as soon as I power it on, I am already synced and ready to go.

Battery life on the Element T6 stacks up to about 15 hours – though if you’re blasting this puppy at full volume, she’s probably going to tire out faster.  Charging time is a fair 3 to 4 hours.

Unlike other portable speakers, the T6 isn’t waterproof.  During my listening session, when I was bumping some Rage Against the Machine, I did splash some RedBull on it.  And, despite weathering this minor mishap, I still wouldn’t recommend subjecting the Element T6 to too much aquatic abuse.

Of course, what this small-ish speaker lacks in waterproof design it more than makes up with pure sound quality.

Sound Quality

Despite the low cost, the Tronsmart Element T6 sounds pretty phenomenal.  And by pretty phenomenal, I mean absolutely phenomenal.  In the low end, the sound is natural but lively.  This is underpinned by a deep, crawling, surging, intoxicating bass response.

The T6 also delivers good, strong mids.  Sure, there’s a hint of compression and maybe just a whisper of compression.  But detail still shines through.  As a result, this isn’t the bass-heavy Bluetooth speaker your mom or dad would buy – this is a competent speaker jammed inside a portable package.

In the high end, this speaker exhibits near-sparkling detail.  Never too bright or harsh, the overall sound works wonders on almost any track.  Pop, electronica, and salsa music sound amazing, and even classical tunes can take advantage of this high end.


If you need a portable speaker and you want to dunk it in water or take it to the beach or fire it out of a canon, the JBL Flip 4 might be a better choice.  However, at almost $100, this alternative seems a costly one.

For everyone else who doesn’t need to beat the tar out of their wireless speaker, the Tronsmart Element T6 delivers the goods…and then some.  Landing at a sub-$50 pricepoint, this capable little speaker delivers a world of sound that you just don’t find in other speakers at this price.

Final Analysis

The Tronsmart Element T6 might appear to be another cheap portable speaker flooding Amazon.  However, at a price of just 45 smackaroos, the sound is to die for and the nifty extras – like a rotating volume knob and included aux cable – push this speaker clearly into “hot deal” territory.

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