The Truth About Truly Wireless Earbuds Explained

The Truth About Truly Wireless Earbuds Explained
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The truth about truly wireless earbuds explained – it’s about time someone did, right? As technology continues to advance we continue to look for ways to simplify our lives and truly wireless earbuds are no exception. Now that we are in the¬†wake of the wireless revolution truly wireless earbuds are popping up left and right – whether from major audio brands or new emerging tech companies. At MajorHiFi, I’ve handled and read my share of TWS and think it’s time to give y’all the skinny on selecting the right pair for you and what to be aware when shopping around.

The Truth About Truly Wireless Earbuds Explained

New Technology

First off, I think potential customers should be aware of, is that these earbuds are a fairly new technology so they won’t work perfectly. There will be glitches. As with any new gadget, the first few batches will encounter issues so be prepared to have an imperfect product. At this time, you should basically consider that all of these buds are in beta and customers are the testers.

The Truth About Truly Wireless Earbuds Explained

Battery Life

Life span is a very important topic when it comes to any sort of wireless product. So, how long do these babies run for? Unfortunately, not for long. The tiny units are only so big which means their battery life can only be so long. Most I’ve seen average about 3 hours, give or take. Basically, all prototypes include a portable charging case so you can double (or triple) the run time since by juicing on the go. However, you will need to remember to recharge the case from time to time. Most portable charging cases seem to range between 15 to 30 additional hours.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Maintaining a solid connection is more challenging for these buds in comparison to their cabled brethren. The left and right bud are required to connect to one another before they link up with your smart device. Antennas are smaller and need as few obstacles as possible to sustain a quality connection. Nuheara, for example, clearly inform users that the antenna is located on the left IQbud, so storing your paired device somewhere on the upper left region of your body is ideal. That’s not really an ideal place for me since I’m right-handed. Regardless, this is something important to consider.

The Truth About Truly Wireless Earbuds Explained

Build & Fit

TWS earbuds are also made in various shapes and sizes which means you’ll need to find which fit is most comfortable for you. Some models, like Skybuds, are designed for the entire unit to sit inside the conch of your ear while other models dangle on the outside. Regarding buds designed to sit inside the conch of your ear, you’ll want to consider the size of the entire ear bud housing and if extended wear may cause pain or not.


All of these units are equipped with some sort of controls to do any combination of answering calls, changing tracks, adjusting the volume, tracking you heart rate and other miscellaneous features. The placement of these buttons/sensors are directly affected by the aforementioned, build. That being said, buttons/sensors may be located on the top of the bud or around the perimeter or the front. I bet you’re wondering why this should be of concern. You should note if pushing on the buttons hurts your ear or if the the button sticks on when you push it, how sensitive is the sensor? does it pick up your touch easy. If you live in colder climates, do the buds work with track sensing gloves? These buttons are built differently, some with an actual button you push while others sensors and track pads. Either way, be wary. Some buttons may stick or sensors may be finicky. I strongly encourage potential customers to read other customers’ reviews on the product, as many as you can find to get a just sense of what you’re buying.

The Truth About Truly Wireless Earbuds Explained

On that note, you should look through all the information and policies on the product and the company you are interested in purchasing from. Can you try the buds on in advance? Is there a return policy if they don’t fit? How about a restocking fee?

Crowdfunding Disclaimer: If you’re investing in a prototype hosted on a crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, be wary. Not all projects hosted by crowdfunding platforms come to fruition. Before making a purchase you should read the FAQs of the hosting platform as well as our article on the¬†risks associated with investing in a crowdfunding projects.

Hoping, “The Truth About Truly Wireless Earbuds Explained” answered all of your questions. If not, let us know in the comments section.

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