Trying Jomo Audio’s Unreleased 2023 IEM at CanJam

Jomo Audio, CanJam 2023, in-ear monitors, IEM, unreleased

Trying Jomo Audio’s Unreleased 2023 IEM at CanJam

Jomo Audio is previewing a new high end 2023 IEM release at CanJam this year. On a table full of their IEM offerings and plaques full of specs, one stands out in metallic, holographic, and minimalist intrigue: “2023 Preview.” When I asked the Jomo rep if he can comment on driver configuration, he gave a roundabout grin and replied “There are three driver types.” Eh, worth a try.
Much like my experience with trying the unreleased Vision Ears flagship prototypes, the eagerness of the other CanJam attendees waiting to listen led to a brief experience with the IEM. So, I can’t get that deep into the details, but here’s a quick little something for the curious from the notes that I jotted down.
 Jomo Audio, IEMs, in ear monitors, CanJam
Jomo Audio, Unreleased, in-ear monitor, IEM, 2023, CanJam, NYC


First off: love the style. The swirls on the faceplate are reminiscent of Noble Audio’s Viking Ragnar, while the steely metal housing gives it a serious, industrial look.

Fit impressions
Metal housing with a fairly wide nozzle. I could distinctly feel its rigidity and grip in my ear canal. This quality contributed to a bass response that I could physically feel through the metal. Sticks out of the ears a little, but it’s a comfortable fit. Jomo Audio had double flanged silicone tips on the IEM which seemed like a perfect pairing.
Sound Impressions
  • Broadly boosted low end – emphasis in subs and mid bass and only starts cooling down in high bass. Not *too* much boost in the high bass but nonetheless it’s a noticeable quality. Some may like the meaty and warm sound, some might wish for more separation in the low end.
  • Mids didn’t immediately stand out one way or another. Presented as fairly balanced with natural sounding vocals.
  • Treble response seemed pretty unique and well done: not much extension, but seems intentional, and makes the signature smooth and a little dark. No one will be complaining about peaky-ness or shrillness. Despite the cautious levels in the treble, high end detail and sensitivity were still fully present.
  • Imaging and stage were exciting and kinetic, something I’ve found to be true of the other IEMs that I’ve tried from Jomo. Height was abundantly present, and lower frequencies in particular snaked from the front to the back of my head. A fair deal of height comes through as well. Soundstage and imaging were probably my favorite features of the IEM, though the balance had quite a bit going for it. Jomo’s house sound is frequently a little gentler than how I usually like my treble, but it’s a tuning I understand, respect, and I think was done particularly well in this mysterious upcoming release.

Jomo Audio, 2023, IEM, in-ear monitor, CanJam, unreleased

While Vision Ears is teasing us with the rough draft of a next generation of flagship IEMs and looking for feedback, the mystery 2023 preview from Jomo Audio looks and sounds like it’s nearly ready to roll out. Looking forward to getting my hands on it for a more extensive review.
Read more about and/or purchase Jomo Audio IEMs here from Audio46.

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