New Release: u-Jays Wireless Headphones Review

“Lose the cable. Reclaim your freedom” touts the Sweden-based company on their website and I’d say they are on the money. u-Jays Wireless headphones retain everything we love about u-Jays while adding everything we love from other wire-free cans giving rise to a true portable gem.

New Release: u-Jays Wireless Headphones Review

Let’s talk about the frame. These cans still exhibit the same minimal aesthetics as it predecessor -available in the same colorways of black on black, black on gold, silver on white, and gold on white. The headband is of a durable rubber-like material that sleekly extends down to the ear cups and act as the headphones’ extenders. The ear cups are still of an on-ear design. The plush leather is easy to clean and is quite comfy on the ears, even with glasses! The frame is not collapsible but the ear cups rotate.

The right ear cup is your answer to all things wireless. A single multifunction button is used to turn on the Bluetooth technology and activate pairing mode, and check your battery life. Simply tap the button while engaged in wireless communication and a voice will tell you how much battery is left. An LED light also blinks at varying rates to signify a medium battery, little battery,and a basically dead battery.

One of my favorite features of the u-Jays wireless headphones is more than the fact that these cans possess smart touch controls on the right ear cup, but that that same single multifunction button can be used to lock the touch controls. No more accidentally turning up the volume and blowing your ears out. This feature is automatically disabled when there is an incoming call. Sweet right?! The touch controls are pretty easy to use. A single tap of the center of the ear cup pause or plays your music. Swiping left to right skips forward a track while swiping right to left skips back a track. Sliding up or down adjusts the volume.

u-Jays Wireless headphones offer up to 25 hours of cable-free use over Bluetooth 4.1 and Qualcomm aptX technology which is meant to ensure CD-like quality while listening to your tunes. Again, I’d have to say these features are showing out because the sound quality is superb, especially for a $179 headphone that’s wireless! The headphones operate on an impedance of 32 ohms using 40 mm dynamic drivers to deliver stellar sound over a frequency response range of 10 to 20,000 Hertz. The bass reach is deep and quite rich. Mids are lush and exhibit a clarity that allows listeners to hear different varying lines of music and even as a guitar string is being plucked. Synthesizers and instruments do well on these headphones. Treble claps were succinct though slightly hash at high volumes. Vocals, on the other hand, sound accurate and full.

I’m definitely a fan of the u-Jays Wireless headphones and for $179 I don’t see why anyone shouldn’t be. If you can take a listen for yourself and let us know what you think. If interested in grabbing a pair, head to to order a pair.

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