Under Armour Sport Wireless React by JBL Review

Under Armour Sport Wireless React by JBL feature image

JBL has teamed up with the sports giant, Under Armour, to produce some of its toughest sports earbuds yet. The UA Sport Wireless React is one such model, boasting a rugged, water resistant design with JBL’s classic bassy sound signature. So, what can these buds deliver for 130 bucks? Let’s find out in this Under Armour Sport Wireless React by JBL Review.

Under Armour Sport Wireless React by JBL Review

IN the BOX

Under Armour Sport Wireless React in the box


The React employs ergonomic rubber tips that sit in the contours of your ears. Trust me when I say, these things aren’t falling out of your ears. In fact, the fit is so secure that it would make over-ear hooks seem like overkill. It almost feels like you’ve got suction cups attached to your ear canals. So, I wouldn’t call it a luxurious experience. But for runners and heavy sweaters, the snug seal is ideal.

The only thing to note about the fit is that the size of the eartips can have a big effect on how you hear the music. For example, I started with the medium eartips that came dressed on the earphones. And though I usually wear medium, the sound was difficult to hear, and my ears felt clogged up. However, once I changed to the smaller size, the intended sound signature came through.

Under Armour Sport Wireless React shell size top view

Under Armour Sport Wireless React by JBL logo image on earbud

Under Armour Sport Wireless React ergonomic ear tip


Functionality and Controls

Because the sound isolation is so effective, JBL has implemented 2 ambient modes that allow you hear your surroundings and conduct a clear conversation with your barista. The company calls it, “bionic hearing.” The buttons on the remote also offer the usual functionality, such as play/pause, track skipping, volume, call activation and voice assistant.

Under Armour Sport Wireless React top view of remote control

Under Armour Sport Wireless React by JBL Side view of remote control

Water Resistance

The React offers an IPX7 waterproof rating, which should mean that these buds can withstand heavy sweating and some splashes. So, you can give the earphones a quick rinse after your workout.


The Under Armor React offers 9 hours of battery life. This is on the higher end standard for a pair of wireless in-ear headphones. And these buds take 2 hours to fully charge using the included Micro-USB to USB cable.

Under Armour Sport Wireless React by JBL Micro-USB charging port


You can tell just by looking at the React that this is a premium quality earphone. With everything from a material insulated cable to sturdy magnetic aluminum earpieces and a solid rubber remote, it’s clear the the brand hasn’t cut any corners with this model.

Under Armour Sport Wireless React by JBL material insulated cable

Under Armour Sport Wireless React by JBL Magnetic earbuds



Assuming the fit is right, you’ll get the usual juicy lows that JBL is famous for producing. But the bass avoids overkill. Pop has just the right amount of punch. And though the low end is quite clean, it gives plenty of warmth to rock and pop-rock tracks. Hip-hop fans will also appreciate the generous sub-bass frequencies. And in general, the React presents a relatively versatile sound signature.


You can expect a present midrange, with the low and high mids pretty well-balanced. As a result, rock and pop-rock has a full-bodied feel. At the same time, the React offers a very tidy profile, with acoustic guitar strums (even in the lower-mids) sounding clean and well delineated. Classical string instruments didn’t convey a ton of detail, though they were rich and majestic in their presentation.


The React avoids too much brightness here, so it’s forgiving on the ears. At the same time, listening to pop, percussion had enough crispiness to make the tracks snap. Just don’t expect a light and airy character in this range. Vocals are weighty with plenty of color. And while strings showed a decent amount of transparency, they had a thickness that added grandeur to the tracks.


Don’t expect a vast soundstage. But you will get a touch of dimension here and be able to sense gradations in width and depth.


The React is one tough broad. In terms of build quality, it looks like one of JBL’s most durable sports models yet. Furthermore, the well-balanced sound signature can handle almost all genres. If you sweat a lot during workouts or have trouble with finding secure fitting earphones, the JBL React is definitely a safe bet.

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