VBRATO Earbuds, Handcrafted Wood

Wood is a brilliant conductor of sound waves. Hence, wood has been used in instruments, audio equipment, and headphones for years. Coming at you in a teeny tiny frame are premium wood made earbuds to do just the same. Meet VBRATO earbuds.

VBRATO Earbuds, Handcrafted Wood

Like that of artisan luthiers, VBRATO hopes to make their mark in crafting a quality audio product comprised of wood thanks to it’s ability to naturally resonate sound in a full and rich manner.

That being said, VBRATO earbuds are available in three different type of wood finishes.

VBRATO earbuds

The first is Sapelli wood. This finish is a large tree native to tropical Africa. Sapelli is often used in musical instruments as a substitute to genuine mahogany, marketed as “African Mahogany.” VBRATO’s Sapelli ear buds are a rich brown color featuring a chrome trim.

VBRATO earbuds

Rosewood is the second finish. This type of wood is primarily known for its brownish-red hue. It is known as a stronger, heavier wood that takes excellent to polish and is best made for guitars. VBRATO earbuds with a rosewood finish are paired with a pretty gold trim.

VBRATO earbuds

The third and final finish of VBRATO earbuds are made of Ebony wood with a chrome trim. Ebony wood is known for its density which causes it to sink in water. In the 16th Century, Ebony wood was used often to produce fine cabinets and luxury trade. Today, it is somewhat protected and found in small parts of instruments like piano keys, violas, cello fingerboards, and guitar picks.

Each type of ear bud houses a 8mm neodymium driver to deliver crisp and clean audio over a frequency range of 20-20,000 Hertz on an impedance of 16 ohms. The tangle-free nylon braided cable includes an in-line mic and controller. The ear buds take standard comfort silicone gel tips as well as ridged gel tips.

While man of you may wonder if the production of these ear buds have caused any harm to the environment, VBRATOAUDIO advises the wood has been sourced in a sustainable manner. “Every industry has the ability to deliver products consciously for a better future for everyone. We chose the suppliers that share the same vision,” the Los Angeles company writes on their Kickstarter campaign page.

VBRATO earbuds are available at the Super Early Bird price of $25. Orders will ship to backers in December 2016.

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