VETR Audio PANL1 Speaker Review

VETR Audio PANL1 Speaker Review

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, these speakers are as thin as paper, but their sound isn’t. Here’s all the details on the successful Kickstarter speaker system. VETR Audio PANL1 Speaker Review.

VETR Audio PANL1 Speaker Review

This beautiful, innovative, and space-age looking speaker system has arrived at MajorHiFi and we decided to take it for a test drive.

VETR Audio PANL1 Speaker Review – Unboxing

The unit arrives in a box with two speaker panels, a subwoofer, and basically all the cables you need to get the system up and running. The panels are identical and feature a seriously cool metallic finish. The bottom of the panels are stainless steel and VETR has been carved out on one of them. Each panel is paper thin, measuring about 1mm thick. I know that’s alarmingly thin, but it makes for unit that’s unique looking enough to be a centerpiece on your table or a discrete piece on a bookshelf.

VETR Audio PANL1 Speaker Review – Features

VETR Audio PANL1 Speaker comes with a few features I wasn’t even expecting. Via an included remote, users can seamlessly switch between aux in, TV in, and Bluetooth mode. Pairing the speakers with my iPhone was incredibly easy by the way. Simply press the “Bluetooth” symbol on the remote and you’ll see a second blue light appear on the LED. After, select “BT Speaker” on your iPhone and you’re good to go. Bluetooth works very well, by the way, holding a connection well over 30 feet from my phone without skipping. I was about 40 feet away and could’ve gone further if it didn’t mean stepping outside into the frigid New York air.

VETR Audio PANL1 Speaker Review – Sound

These speakers sound pretty good when plugged into both my iPhone and iPad playing either TIDAL or Spotify. The overall tone was pretty balanced and clear. With the included remote, users have the ability to adjust treble and bass in addition to volume. The unique design of the panels are said to allow for “better sound reproduction” so you don’t have to find the “sweet spots” in a room to hear the best audio. That, in fact, seems true. I moved around the room to a number of different spots. I also stood directly in front of the speaker as well as farther away and the audio was awesome in every spot. The volume also seemed to the same in these different positions as well.

I have yet to try this system with some movie. I plan to do so and will be back with an update.

VETR Audio PANL1 Speaker Review – Technology

Traditional speakers are usually much thicker and larger than PANL1. Their nifty flat panel design is revolutionary in my book. As a millenial, I can attest to the fact that we want everything to be simple, easy, and modern. VETR Audio PANL1 speaker makes the cut.

So how did PANL1 come to be so flat? Well, PANL1 speakers are driven by exciters, which are more commonly called transducers. Exciters allow these speakers to create sound from a flat surface. The included subwoofer was tuned to complement both speaker panels for “a full range, high-fidelity audio experience.”

VTR Audio has already hosted a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for the PANL1 speaker unit. They’ll be hosting a second round on Indiegogo starting Nov. 14th. Pre-orders are available at for $349.

VETR Audio PANL1 Speaker Review – Specs

48W per PANL for a combined 96W of total output
1mm thick Carbon Fiber plate
1 piece Stainless Steel stand
Total depth of ~4in.

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