Vinci Headphones are Artificially Intelligent

Vinci Headphones

These headphones are designed to be your personal assistant. Built with artificial intelligence, they actually get to know you better every time you use them. Meet Vinci headphones.

Vinci Headphones are Artificially Intelligent

Thanks to advanced algorithms, Vinci is the world’s first, intelligent bio-sensing headphone. Vinci understands and reacts to your voice commands in real-time. It learns to understand and react to various activities in your daily routine, like memorizing your favorite order from a specific restaurant or ordering an uber when it realizes there are major delays along your commute.

We designed these headphones to completely integrate and improve people’s music experience,” says Max Wu, Co-Founder of Vinci. “We envision Vinci transforming not just the way people listen to music, but the way people interact with the world while listening to music. With just a tap or voice command, people will be able to check the weather, get directions, or order a car all through their headphones, making this the easiest on-the-go listening experience – no smartphone needed.”

That being said, Vinci headphones hold 16GB internal memory so users can access music, maps, and other information whether on or offline. Moreover, this information is displayed on Vinci’s patented external panel which also allows for visual customization with various animations and personalized text alongside seamless touch commands.

But how does Vinci fare as a headphone? Well, Vinci is fashioned to provide the utmost comfort boasting a unique square-shaped frame and lightweight material. So far so good. It is also built with 7 hours of wireless battery life, even with the LED screen on. When it comes to music, Vinci senses and recommends music based on the wearer’s vitals, activities, and listening habits. Hence, the more Vinci is used the more personalized the experience. Each ear cups holds a 40mm driver with Beryllium coated diaphragm. Paired with specialized speaker placement and head tracking, wearers experience a 360 degree immersive sound experience. Definitely a plus in my book!

Vinci is also available in a “Pro” model called Vinci 1.5. These headphones hold 32GB of internal memory and has active noise cancellation.

If interested in purchasing a pair of Vinci headphones head over to Kickstarter where an Early Bird pledge of $99 scores you a headset in either black, silver, red, or white. Orders ship March 2017.

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