Vision Ears Unveils New VE10 IEMs

To commemorate its 10th anniversary, Vision Ears is launching a new pair of high-end in-ear monitors. These new IEMs are the latest entries in their acclaimed VE series. The VE10 is set to be their most ambitious effort yet, as Vision Ears looks to achieve a new standard of craftsmanship and acoustic excellence. With the VE10, Vision Ears delivers a hybrid driver system that implements an 8mm dynamic driver with nine balanced armatures.

Key Features:

1. Sonic Symphony: Immerse yourself in sonic brilliance as the VE10 orchestrates a harmonious
blend of nine balanced armature drivers and an 8mm dynamic driver, delivering an unparalleled
auditory experience that resonates with the true essence of your favorite music. 

3. Fitting Perfection: Experience audio nirvana without compromise, courtesy of our legendary fitting expertise.
The VE10 is engineered to seamlessly integrate with your auditory anatomy, ensuring a snug,
comfortable fit that enhances both sound isolation and sonic immersion.

4. Premium Cable: The VE10 comes with a premium cable boasting Silver plated 6NOCC copper, intricately woven into a 4-wire 22 AWG
and a 4.4mm termination as standard. This ensures uncompromised signal transmission and unrivaled
sonic purity, amplifying your auditory voyage to unparalleled heights.

For more info on pricing and release dates, keep checking back to MajorHiFi for updates.

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