Waves Nx Creates 3D Audio for Headphones

Waves Nx

This computer and cell phone application creates a 3D audio experience on any set of headphones. Meet Waves Nx.

Waves Nx Creates 3D Audio for Headphones

You read that correctly. A software application along with a head tracker can make your headset 3D. Waves Nx recognized that most headphones are providing consumers with an audio experience that is lacking in real-world authenticity. Humans hear in 3D. Our auditory perception of the world around us is in spatial three-dimensional sound. 3D hearing combines the interactions between the acoustic soundwaves and the room or space we’re in, the interaction of the soundwaves with our head and ears, and the way our brain interprets these acoustic interactions. When we move our head in the slightest, the way we hear a siren would differ from the moment before thanks to the way in which sound waves are bouncing off of walls and other objects.

Standard headphones shoot audio through each speaker separately and that audio is heard separately through each earcup. Waves Nx is looking to change that.

Waves Nx uses audio “cross-talk” between both sides of your headphones. This allows you to hear music from both sides of your ears- creating fuller, richer sound, 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound to be exact. The head tracker paired with the app monitors your head movement and adjusts the audio accordingly while supplying it to both earcups.

This experience can be used while listening to music, gaming, or watching TV and movies.

Those of you interested in transforming your headphones into a 3D over-ear monitor can look to Kickstarter to snag a pair. Waves Audio is currently selling Waves Nx (head tracker and application) for $69. Once that pledge bracket is full, Waves Nx will be available for $79, $89, and then $99 – all cheaper than the anticipated retail price of $198. The 3D audio set will ship worldwide in September.

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