Westone W60 Review for the serious listener

Westone W60 Review

Today, I got a chance to sit down and listen to another in-ear stalwart, the Westone W60.  At $999, the W60 is every bit the premium earphone.   But what does it really sound like, and is it worth the dough?  Let’s find out.

Westone W60 Review

Westone W60 Review

The Westone W60 comes packaged with a heavy-duty waterproof case, a bunch of eartips (both silicon and memory foam), and two cables – one audio-only and one with a built-in iOS remote and mic.  There’s also a handy tool for removing wax from the earphones.

When it comes to specifications, the Westone seems like a no-brainer.  With a 20-20000 hertz frequency range and a nominal impedance of 25 ohms, it’s perfect for getting detail from a portable or low-power device like your phone or MP3 player.

Comfort-wise, the Westone W60 is probably a leg up over most models in this price range, with a slim, sleek design that sits comfortably in my ears.  The wealth of tips provided by Westone is another plus, ensuring you get the optimal fit for isolation and clarity.

Overall, these are very balanced-sounding, with a very contrasting, articulate sound.  Bass and treble are even, while the midrange is slightly relaxed, giving these headphones a dynamic sound.  While I have heard some people describe them as harsh, these are usually people who are coming from a more relaxed-sounding earphone.  Others will describe these as articulate, contrasting, etc.

Are they a good fit for you?  If you’re after an exacting sound that doesn’t skimp on bass or treble, while still remaining comfortable for even the longest of listening sessions, the Westone W60 deserves your consideration.  However, if you’re after a more relaxed sound with a similar range of detail, there may be other alternatives out there.  If possible, hunt down a dealer who can give you a listen, or hit up forums.

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