What Dolby Atmos Will Add To Audible

Yesterday it was announced that Audible is collaborating with Dolby to provide spatial audio support to its vast library. Select audiobooks and podcasts will be available to listen to with full Dolby Atmos integration. On its release, you’ll be able to listen to over 40 different titles. This includes productions like “The Little Mermaid,” and “The Sandman Act III.” Podcasts on the platform like “Maejor Frequency” will also see spatial audio implementation too.

Why Does Audible Need Spatial Audio?

On the surface, spatial audio seems like a bit much for a simple medium like audiobooks. What can a 3D soundstage add to a narrator reading a book? In recent years, audiobooks and narrative podcasts have gotten more ambitious with their productions. Some titles like the previously mentioned Sandman series have big multi-cast ensembles, with soundscapes that include originally produced music and sound effects. Podcasts have done a great job reintroducing the audio drama, including ones produced by the Amazon-owned Wondery.

Spatial audio basically gives these productions similar treatment to what Dolby has done for home theaters and headphones most importantly. Audio storytelling is being brought to the next level with spatial audio, giving these highly produced titles the potential to be more immersive. Sound designers can move specific effects around you in a more dimensional space, and ambiance can be used to place you right in the middle of the story. It’s not just audio dramas that benefit from spatial audio. Single-narrator audiobooks that use soundscapes can also offer a new experience through Dolby Atmos. That Little Mermaid audiobook is read by one narrator, and will also include new music and underwater soundscapes. These elements are fully enhanced by spatial audio, adding new ways to experience this classic story.

How Can I Listen To Spatial Audio On Audible?

Both Android and IOS devices will work with Dolby Atmos. All you need to do is have a membership to Audible and download the app. To see which titles are compatible with spatial audio, look for the “Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos” section of the discover tab. Atmos titles are also marked with a Dolby Atmos badge.

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