What Is Dolby Atmos Flex Connect?

One of the most important breakthroughs in consumer audio has been the ability to have 3D audio in your home. Whether that be through your headphones or home theater, it’s now easier than ever to experience immersive audio without the need for high-end equipment. This is mainly thanks to Dolby Atmos, which has helped bring spatial audio to the mainstream. Its technology can be found in many different entertainment services, including Apple Music, Netflix, and more.

Recently, Dobly Labs showed off a new innovation to their technology called Flex Connect. With Flex Connect, Dolby wants to make it possible to experience Atmos with more speakers, no matter where they are placed. It’s a completely wireless system that utilizes your compatible TV’s built-in hardware to calibrate any set of speakers to work with Dolby Atmos. Usually, to experience Atmos you would need a special receiver or soundbar, but with Flex-Connect, now all you need is any set of wireless speakers. According to Dolby Labs, there is no limit on how many speakers you can integrate with Flex-Connect. It depends on the specific TV though, as manufacturers are sure to have certain limits on channels.

Just like Dolby has made it possible to experience Atmos with any set of headphones, they now look to do the same with wireless TV speakers. Dolby promises this setup is simple. You don’t need any additional cables, as most of the work is done through their own calibration system that will prepare your speakers for the most optimal spatial audio performance.

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