Zulu Audio Alpha Wearable Bluetooth Speakers

Zulu Audio Alpha Wearable Bluetooth Speakers

Probably one of the most innovative uses of Bluetooth and audio technology to hit the market. I give you, Zulu Audio Alpha wearable Bluetooth speakers.

Zulu Audio Wearable Bluetooth Speakers

Build & Design

In a crowd of wireless speakers, Zulu Audio Alpha would catch my attention any day. They’ve got a unique build that’s way more than its looks. In fact, these speakers are unlike anything you’ve seen before (or at least I’ve seen before). Regardless, these babies take form for function. This device builds on the wireless earbuds we’ve become accustomed to… ya know the ones with an ear piece on each side of a neck cable?! Zulu features two wireless speakers attached to the end of a thick neck cable. Each speaker then attaches to your shirt with a magnet. The magnets have quite the grip and it takes actual effort to separate pry them apart.┬áTo give you an idea, the magnets have been skydiving tested. Also, both speakers are quite light and flat so they don’t pull your shirt down or protrude awkwardly from your shirt.


The left speaker is built with simple controls to adjust the volume. These buttons can also be used to switch back and forth between tracks and take calls. There’s also a multifunction button on the left speaker which turns the unit on and pairs it to other devices. The left is also fixed with a microphone so users can freely make and take calls. As I mentioned earlier, this unit has been used to skydive. It is primarily designed to free-up your ears for any activities in which being aware of your surroundings is important, like exercising outdoors or making deliveries. For that reason, the entire unit is sweat and water resistant with an IP rating of IPX4. The wireless range is the standard of about 25-30 feet without any major obstacles in the way.

Connectivity & Longevity

Zulu Audio Alpha connects pretty easily to smart devices. Simply press and hold the multifunction until you see a blue LED and hear a tone. Turn on your Bluetooth and then select Zulu Audio from your available devices and get ready to rock for up to 4 hours on a full charge.


As for sound, I’ll just use the words of my co-worker, “Pretty damn good.” The unit delivers an airy and light sound that is actually favorable. While the speakers lack in offering a thriving bass line, they make up for in punchy treble, lively mids, and salient highs. It doesn’t become too bright either. This sort of sound seems as if it’d do well if you’re wearing these speakers will moving through traffic on a bicycle in NYC traffic.

Zulu Audio Alpha includes a convenient and well built carry case with a spare magnet and micro USB cable all for $99. TBH, that price is more than I would pay for these portable speakers since a much larger, more powerful, and bass banging JBL Flip 4 is available at the same price. I’d be more inclined to purchase the unit at a price similar to that of the JBL Clip 3 ($59.99) which also functions as a personal speaker. However, if this unit is better suited for your needs, give it a go and snag ’em at ZuluAudio.com.

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