1More Spearhead VR Driver Gaming Headphones Review

1More Spearhead VR Driver Gaming Headphones Review

1More is making their mark with seriously affordable audiophile gear. One of their latest releases is a gaming headphone that’ll rattle your cage as you make your way through virtual realms. Get all the details in our 1More Spearhead VR Driver Gaming Headphones Review.

1More Spearhead VR Driver Gaming Headphones Review

1More Spearhead VR Driver Gaming Headphones Review – Fit/Feel

The headphone is much lighter than it looks. It features a floating headband which adds to the very light, yet snug fit of the headphone. The ear cushions are also quite comfy and feel like they are stuffed with memory foam, though the lining (ya know the part that is touching your ears) is sealed with a cheaper commercial fabric. The ear cups themselves are large in terms of diameter, but a little shallow. I have small ears and the tips of my ears feel like they are being slightly pushed back by the ear cup. This could become an issue if you’re gaming for hours on end. If you have large ears you may be more prone to this issue. It’s not terrible, but a possible issue in the future.

1More Spearhead VR Driver Gaming Headphones Review – Features

For $150 these gaming headphones have quite the array of features. The left earcup houses the microphone on and off switch. The volume is controlled by a wheel that also works to adjust the bass when pushed in. This also allows for a synchronized vibrating effect to create an even more realistic gaming experience. The same ear cup also features a micro USB cable for plugging your headphones into the computer and adding the Spearhead VR software as well as a 3.5mm aux port.

To really experience all the features of the 1More Spearhead VR headphone users will have to download the Spearhead VR software onto their computer and plug the headphone in during that process. Once complete, launch the Spearhead VR system while your headphones are plugged in. From there, you’ll have the ability to adjust the microphone, the volume, and the color of the LED display on your headphones.

1More Spearhead VR Driver Gaming Headphones Review

The Spearhead VR headphone was built with dual microphones to cancel out noise from your surroundings and it does an okay job. It’s not as strong as the active noise cancelling found in headphones designed solely for noise cancelling purposes, but it’ll due. Paired with solid sound isolation it does a good job.

1More Spearhead VR Driver Gaming Headphones Review – Sound

This headphone is designed for use on a number of different gaming consoles. Via the 3.5mm cable, users can achieve premium stereo sound on Mac OS, iOS, and Android mobile devices. Using the USB cable, players can take full advantage of the 7.1 channel surround sound when the USB cable is plugged into their Windows 7 (and up) computer. P.S. If you plan to use with the Xbox One, the Xbox One Headphone Stereo Adapter is required.

When it comes to bass, this headphone can reach the farthest expanses of sub (I may be hyperbolizing a little), but the bass and sub-bass have serious depth to them and I like it. The headphone actually vibrates and rumbles when deep bass is present (like the sound of an approaching army tank). This is said to be reached by 1More’s specially constructed driver that attaches the magnet directly to the diaphragm. The soundstage is also quite nice and wide, giving the layers enough room to breath. As I mentioned before, the bass is booming with depth and detail. The mids are thick while the highs are accurate and slightly rolled off on the top for a rounded sound overall. This makes the headphone great for gaming, but also casual listening.

Overall, this headphone offers rich sound with deep bass and a ton of fun features like LED color customization and immersive headphone rumbling when encountering really low bass. Users can get all of this for $150. Not bad at all. If interested, grab the headphones at the lowest price Amazon.

1More Spearhead VR Driver Gaming Headphones Review – Specs

Driver: 50mm, Dynamic
Frequency Range: 20-20,000 Hz
Impedance: 32 Ω
Sensitivity: 103 dB
Max Power: 20 mW
Type: Over-Ear
Weight: 324 g
USB Cable Length: 1.3 m
3.5 mm Audio Cable Length: 1.5 m
Plug: Type A – Micro USB (USB Cable) and 3.5 mm (Audio Cable)
Wire Material: Enameled Copper Wire