Make Voice Chatting With Your IEMs Better With Strauss & Wagner’s New Cable

With the expansion of affordable IEMs constantly hitting the market, they’ve become an everyday part of our audio consumption. Using IEMs for gaming has become more commonplace recently, especially in competitive circles. IEMs tend to have a very intimate sound presentation with extended bass, but some can also have wide soundstages and better resolution than most wireless earbuds. Many gamers prefer IEMs for more direct localization to gather important information like hearing the sounds of opponents’ footsteps.

One area where IEMs might not be preferable is if you’re planning on using voice chat. Most IEM cables don’t even provide remote mics and the ones that do don’t always ensure the best quality. Thankfully, there’s a way to get the benefits of both IEMs and gaming headphones with onboard boom mics.

Strauss & Wagner Sallion

If you use IEMs for gaming, chances are they use either 2-pin or MMCX connectors if the cable is detachable. The Sallion doesn’t just take an IEM cable and add a remote mic to it, it gives you a detachable boom arm like over-ear gaming headphones do. This cable costs $49.95 and features both MMCX and 2-pin options. It will work with any 3.5mm headphone port and also offers a USB-C variation.

Not only will it give your IEMs a mic for voice chat, but this cable also works to upgrade the sound of your IEMs. It does this by using materials like OFC silver to reveal more detail in the highs and widen the soundstage. The microphone makes your voice very clear and easy to understand. You can use the Sallion to talk with your friends on Discord, use in-game voice chat, or even for meetings on Zoom. No matter what you use it for, the Sallion will deliver enhanced clarity for both your sound and voice.

The Strauss & Wagner Sallion is available at Audio46.

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