The Best IEMs For Gaming 2022

If you play a lot of video games, chances are you have a set of headphones to use them with. However, over-ear headphones aren’t going to suit everyone. Some gamers might prefer to have in-ears to listen to their games. Many factors of IEMs might impact your choice, such as how comfortable they are and how much bass and soundstage they have. They also don’t require a ton of power, so you can plug them into any 3.5mm headphone jack and get plenty of loudness. It is a different experience compared to gaming headphones, and there is a ton of options to choose from for a variety of prices. Here is a look at what you should look out for.

For Less Than $100

Moondrop Aria

One of the most simple, sure bets you can make no matter what you are using them for. The Moondrop Aria has a wide soundstage for its price, and its thick bass provides texture and scale without bloating the timbre. You can rely on it for smooth game audio with more detail than you might be expecting.


It is easy to say it’s worth it based on the price, but the TRN TA1 Max goes above and beyond. The imaging is massive and gives game soundtracks the scale they deserve. You get a sub-bass that comes up from underneath you and a midrange that fills out the tone with natural realism and room to differentiate all the effects. For the price, they are a steal.

Final Audio VR3000

These might be one of the few IEMs on this list specifically designed for gaming. The VR3000 from Final Audio might not have the largeness of the two IEMs already mentioned, but what they do have is dynamics. You can still expect great clarity and width, but the bass isn’t as theatrical. However, if the sound wants to show you some boom, the VR3000 will respond accordingly. This is also the only IEM on this list to include a microphone.

Shure Aonic 215

Shure is known for their great mics and reference headphones, and they also have some great IEMs that can be used for gaming. Their most affordable option is the Aonic 215, which offers a smooth level of detail for games. In this price range, the Aonic 215 might just be the purest sound profile you can get, with nice emphasis and accuracy to supplement your game audio nicely.

For Less Than $300

Final Audio A4000

Another entry from Final Audio, the A4000 is clean and wide. The bass here is more natural but doesn’t skimp out on lifting all the sound effects to the right place. With the A4000, you get a good amount of separation between each section of the mix. It makes all the right punches, and should overall be a fun experience for games.

IKKO Obsidian OH10

So far, the Obsidian OH10 from IKKO Is the most unique IEM on this list. Its shape and build quality are unlike any pair of earphones in this price range, and it has the sound to match it. The OH10 does a good job articulating its frequency response, with a quick response that can make or break decision-making in games. With the Obsidian, the sound can ensure realism, as well as be a useful tool.

Moondrop Kato

There are a few IEMs from Moondrop that could make this list, but the Kato stands out the most. Along with a big soundstage and well-communicated spatial imaging, the Kato provides the listener with a combination of richness and control. This is one of the most colorful IEMs in this price range balancing a strong bass with great balance and depth. Its midrange timbre is crisp for dialogue and clears up soundtracks quite well.

Raptgo Hook X

There were a few open-back IEMs that I could have gone for when making this list, but the Raptgo Hook X beats them all. This is one of the few open-back IEMs that truly feels open, and for games, it makes all the difference. The sound environment wraps around you and appears as a part of your space rather than the in your head. These IEMs will put you in the center of the action, and provide you with the best immersion possible for its price.

7Hz Timeless

Another planar IEM that will suit game audio well is the 7Hz Timeless. These odd-looking IEMs have a similar texture to the Kato, but with more depth and better imaging. Sound effects will have a good punch to them, and environmental soundscapes will feel airier. If you can get past the odd shape of the housing, the Timeless is another great option for gaming.

Sennheiser IE 300

You are bound to see Sennheiser pop up on any list regarding the best audio gear. The IE 300 is their lowest-priced IEM, and it is a good one. In this price range, the IE 300 is best for combining warmth and pinpoint accuracy. You’ll get a good lift from the bass, while the rest of the sound signature responds dynamically and transparently to your game audio. They’re also the smallest set of earphones on this list.

For Less Than $500


TRN made another appearance on this list, but if you could upgrade to the BAX, you won’t be disappointed. The BAX delivers a ton of power to its lows that are dynamic enough to build to an impactful crescendo. It is detailed and spacious throughout, adding just a touch of sparkle in the highs to really make sound effects and instruments stand out.

Queen of Audio Mojito

If you’re looking for some punch to your timbre, the Mojito from Queen of Audio has lots of it. For games, the Mojito offers spaciousness and clarity, with a ton of resonance to communicate the scope of the environment. This is the meatiest IEM on this list so far, and it will help deliver those hard-hitting effects that games can offer.

IKKO Asgard OH5 

Similarly to the Mojito, the Asgard OH5 is about putting all the frequency content it’s got right in front of your face. The amount of energy on display here is almost unmatched in its price range, providing you with a weighty bass and a full midrange response. Any game that features a ton of bombast will come out great here.


Those seeking that huge scale but also appreciating more depth and detail might want to go with the NE5 from BGVP. The soundstage has more dimension to it, giving game audio more identity in their mixes. This is an IEM that really slams, so big orchestration and hard sound effects will be more than effective with the NE5.

For Less Than $1000

Moondrop Variations

The last entry for Moondrop on this list, and ends with a bang. These IEMs deliver an exciting bass response that is so easy to become engrossed in. It will add sweeteners to many different effects, as well as place certain effects all around you with its extended soundstage. Its treble also adds sparkle and height to the sound signature, properly articulating the tallness of some effects.

Sennheiser IE 600

One of the best of the bunch, Sennheiser’s IE 600 is hard to beat. If it is within your budget, these IEMs easily win the day for me. Its soundstage and imaging are unlike anything else on the market, engulfing your headspace in a wonderful world of sound. It is easy to recommend for gaming in that regard, as these IEMs can transport you into any sonic environment being conveyed. The entire sound profile is rich and full of vivid details that are easy to miss out on with any other IEM on this list.

Meze Audio Advar

For similar depth and spatial presence, the Advar from Meze Audio is a fantastic choice. Sound effects and music are easy to localize, and certain sections of dialogue can feel like they are being spoken right to you. The bass has a ton of depth and focuses on solidity and tightness for improved clarity. Its design is one of the best you’ll see too, featuring a great build that feels like you’re wearing a piece of jewelry.

Kinera Imperial Nanna 

For spaciousness and bass impact, the Nanna will absolutely deliver. Its soundstage and imaging have a slightly holographic effect, putting you closer to a 3D environment than a traditional stereo one. This is ideal for game audio, as you’ll want to hear sound effects coming from every direction, and not just from a driver.

Shure SE846

One of the more pure, detail-oriented IEMs, the Shure SE846 has been a reliable IEM for many years now. Its accuracy is concise and focused to deliver you the most true-to-form audio you can get. It is clean and has enough depth to display sound effects with a great scale.

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