AirPods: Apple Releases Replacement Price

Apple┬áhad a tough time this year with the release of the iPhone 7 and the news that they’re discontinuing the headphone jack. And with that they started a series of disappointing announcements including the delay of the AirPods. The AirPods were Apple’s Bluetooth earphones that were supposed to be the solution to this troubling problem. Instead Apple delayed the release of the AirPods due to technical issues. Fast-forward to now and Apple has finally made them available to order.

But now iPhone 7 customers are feeling the pains again as Apple releases the replacement cost of individual AirPods and iPhone charging case. AirPod users will be paying up to $69 for lost or out-of-warranty AirPods. A very good reason to spend a few bucks on an Airpods strap. There’s no doubt however, that iPhone users will eventually come to happily embrace the new wireless future.