Campfire Comet vs Shure SE315 Comparison Review

Campfire Comet vs Shure SE315 Comparison Review

For a long time, Shure has offered great sounding headphones for an affordable price. But the younger, Campfire Audio has always been super expensive. Only recently has it started to dabble in the lower price range with its new release of the Comet. Can Campfire’s cheapest headphone model compete with the more established Shure SE315? Let’s find out in this Campfire Comet vs Shure SE315 Comparison Review.

Campfire Comet vs Shure SE315 Comparison Review

IN the BOX – Campfire Comet vs Shure SE315 Comparison Review

Campfire Comet Shure SE315
Campfire Audio Black Textured Earphone Case Carrying Case
Campfire Audio Copper Litz Cable – Copper Conductors with Berylium Copper MMCX and Kevlar-Reinforced Detachable Cable
3.5mm Stereo Plug. Features inline 3-button control with Mic.
SPINFIT Tips (xs/s/m/l) Foam Tips (s/m/l)
Campfire Audio Marshmallow Tips (s/m/l) Yellow Foam Tips
Silicone Earphone Tips (s/m/l) Soft Flex Tips
Triple Flange Tips
Campfire Audio Lapel Pin – Cleaning Tool


FIT and DESIGN – Campfire Comet vs Shure SE315 Comparison Review

The Shure SE315 has over ear memory wires, and the buds contour to the ears. It’s a secure fit, for Shure. Ugh, sorry. The Campfire, on the other hand, has no over-ear wire, which some people prefer. But let me warn you that the circumference of the ear tips are pretty large on all Campfire models. If you generally have trouble with in-ear headphone fit, you might have to play around with the different sized molds. Personally, I had to change them around a bit before I could hear the sound evenly. I found the Shure easier to seal, and they’re better at eliminating outside noise.

One last thing: The Campfire Comet has a cable with a mic and remote. The Shure SE315 doesn’t.

SOUND – Campfire Comet vs Shure SE315 Comparison Review

The Campfire Comet is characterized by its perfectly even balance, while the Shure SE315 is defined by it’s fast transient response and beautiful lows.


While both headphones have great bass, the lows on the Shure are a bit deeper, faster and punchier. It’s got a powerful, solid feel; bass drums have more oomf, and bass guitars are a little dryer with more grip. Listening to pop, hip-hop and EDM, I enjoyed the SE315 more.


The Comet is the more evenly balanced of the two in this range. With the SE315, I found that the emphasis was in the higher mids. The SE315 has a touch more clarity, but overall, I preferred the fullness of the Comet. What I liked on the Shure was that the vocals seemed more forward. But, in general, if you listen to a lot of rock, then the Comet is a better choice.


The highs on the Comet have more clarity. While both headphones have a pleasing roundness, the Shures are a little smoother and convey less subtlety than the Comet. Whitney Houston, for example, sounded better on the Comet because I heard more vocal texture. If you prefer crisper, clearer highs, get the Comet, and avoid the reefer.


Both headphones have a similar sense of soundstage in terms of width. And while both feel quite spacious, the imaging on the Campfire Comet feels a little more precise.

SUMMARY – Campfire Comet vs Shure SE315 Comparison Review

Both, the Shure SE315 and the Campfire Comet are great headphones for the price. But if you mainly listen to rock, you’re going to want the Comet because of the midrange fullness and balance. If you listen to a lot of pop and hip-hop, you’ll prefer the punchiness and deep lows on the Shure. 

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SPECIFICATIONS – Campfire Comet vs Shure SE315 Comparison Review

Campfire Comet

Shure SE315

Frequency Range 10Hz – 19KHz 22Hz – 18.5KHz
Impedance 48 Ohms 27 Ohms
Sensitivity 97dB 116dB