iMMER is a tiny square music clip that is both a wireless headphones adapter and an amplifier all in 3D sound.

iMMER is Your 3D Soundstage To Go, Earbuds & Amp Combo

This clip-on serves to revolutionize your listening experience. It uses a single lithium amplifier battery to power 3D Sound software, called 3D Sound XTC engine, that is programmed into the iMMER.  The engine actually magnifies and decodes the sound. When paired with iMMER’s high quality patented earbuds listeners should hear an auditory experience like no other.

The sound engine works to removes sound crosstalk between ears, with only 2 speakers. This method allows for the sound to be positioned in different positions and heard in desirable pattern. Hacken Design Inc explains their 3D sound model via Kickstarter as:


“The software serves as a Crosstalk Canceller (XTC). Normally, sound from two speakers reaches both ears at the same time and creates crosstalk in our brain. This crosstalk cues the listener the position of the sound source is the speakers. XTC removes the crosstalk. With the XTC technology, the listener can hear the virtual cues of the sound sources where the artists intended. The software can achieve >20db Crosstalk Cancellation (XTC) with flat response and no dynamic range loss.”

They go on to further explain, this method splits the audio spectrum into hundreds of bands. For each band, it finds the optimal amount of XTC that is the right balance between cancellation, available power, and reflections. The split bands then cue up as virtually speakers in designated positions.

This sounds like the earbud and amplifier combo are quite ideal for watching movies and playing video games. For sports buffs or busy bees, iMMER features a built-in microphone so you can easily take calls. iMMER ear buds use Bluetooth 4.2 technology to communicate with your smart device at an impedance of 10 ohms and resonates over a frequency response range of 20 – 20,000 Hertz. The Lithium-ion battery should power the amp and bus over wireless connectivity for up to 7 hours of use while taking 2 hours to fully charge.

If you want to try iMMER for yourself, Hacken Design Inc. will be showcasing the earbud and amp combo at CES 2017. You can also order them via Kickstarter for $99 at the Super Early Bird price.