What Is Final Audio? Learn More About The Rising Headphone Company

Final Audio sonorous x

Hailing from Japan is a minimalist and luxe headphone company that seriously aims to bring listeners the best in audio quality. The company is well known in Japan with a loyal following base, however they are beginning to make waves here in the United States becoming a household name for some audiophiles. For those who find this brand part of uncharted audiophile territory, we’d like to formally introduce you to Final Audio and some of their best pieces.

What Is Final Audio? Learn More About The Rising Headphone Company

Final Audio In-Ears

The definitive mark of Final Audio has got to be the shape of their unique in-ear monitors. The distinct bell-shape are part of their “full open canal” type earphone. This special 3-D printed design widens the soundstage by opening the back of the earphone creating a sound conduit at the front which suppresses interference from the front and back of the diaphragm for very low harmonic distortion. Final Audio Lab II showcases a mesh design that is for both form and function in that it wedges a space between the auditory canal and the housing for an open and unobstructed sound field.

Final Audio Lab2

The “open canal” type earphones are similar in nature with a unique horn loudspeaker design. This sort of structure provides for an air pressure adjustment vent within the copper housing for better spatial recreation and lively sound. This can be found in Final Audio’s Piano Forte X, IX, VIII.

final audio 7200

Another staple of the brand is their “canal” type earbuds. These IEMs fit with balanced armature drivers feature the smallest shafts with the tiniest diameters I have ever seen, but for good reason. This super slender and sleek canal gets your ear canal and ear drum much closer to the music without having to turn up your music to egregious (and damaging) levels. Essentially, the distance between your ear drum and the earphone’s driver unit is minimized. The housing is comprised of highly rigid aluminum housings in the F7200, F4100, and F3100 for an ultra lightweight shape, close fit, and quality seal for a dynamic, high resolution listening experience. I’m talking a wide and realistic soundstage rich bass while the Heaven Series reproduces natural sound (Heaven VIII, Heaven VII) and vocals (Heaven VI, Heaven V Aging) with unmatched clarity, accuracy and realism.

 final audio adagio V

The Adagio series is another canal type earphone, though it features a dynamic driver. The housing unit is shaped like the end of a bullet. It is optimized for highly efficient airflow inside the cabinet while small vents help to control that airflow for powerful, vibrant, and three-dimensional sound.

Final Audio Over-Ears

Final Audio’s same sleek design and penchant for a unique frame is applied to their Sonorous line of over-ear headphones. The ear cups are quite large but that fit is designed specifically to completely cover all ear types – providing a seal, but somewhat of an open experience around the ear. The Sonorous X (and the more affordable versions – Sonorous III & Sonorous II) and VIII contain 50 mm dynamic divers while the Sonorous VI and Sonorous IV hold balanced armature drivers and dynamic drivers. The blend of balanced armatures and dynamics create a vast soundstage.

Final Audio sonorous x

All of the over-ear headphones are fit with soft, leather ear cushions and a padded headband. Sonorous X and VIII are fit with stainless steel housings to achieve a better sense of realism.

Now, doesn’t this company sound like a must-try?! A number of these models are available at Final Audio Store at Audio 46 both in-store and online.