Act Now! Samsung Gear IconX Earbuds are $50

Samsung Gear IconX Earbuds are $50

You may think you read the headline wrong, but you haven’t, Samsung Gear IconX Earbuds are $50.

Act Now! Samsung Gear IconX Earbuds are $50

That means those truly wireless earbuds are $150 off the retail price – such a steal. It’s no secret that Samsung Gear IconX earbuds, like many other completely cable-free earphones, possess a very short runtime and often have spotty connectivity. At any price over $100 I’d be especially critical of these buds, but at a mere $50, Gear IconX might be worth it.

Gear IconX was built as the truly wireless earbud for fitness buffs. The tiny earpieces wearables are designed to keep track of your fitness by monitoring your activity and giving you real-time updates (on your heart rate, pace, calories burned, distance ran, and the duration of workout) with a tap of the multifunction touchpad. Users can retrieve this data from the accompanying phone app, S Health application. To boot, the buds hold 4GB of internal memory which equals about 1000 songs.

So while Samsung Gear IconX Earbuds are $50, you should probably head over to Samsung, if interested.

P.S. Most sales prices you see running from now until Columbus Day are actually Black Friday test strategies for the big day. That being said, maybe you should swipe these buds up now. If not, head over to our “Best Black Friday Headphone Deals 2017” article for more discounts.