These are the Most Expensive Headphones in the World, Focal Utopia Tournaire

Last week, MajorHiFi was invited to an exclusive audition with Focal in New York City offering the amazing opportunity to wear Focal Utopia Tournaire.

These are the Most Expensive Headphones, Focal Utopia Tournaire

If you do not know what I’m referring to when I say Focal Utopia Tournaire you need to get your life! Maison Tournaire is a famous jewelry company in France that partnered with French audio company Focal to launch a very special limited edition project.

Focal is known for their audiophile headphones with exquisitely produced drivers that deliver beautiful and lush, yet accurate sound.

Tournaire possesses the internal make of the original Focal Utopia while displaying an exterior that is simply unmatched in elegance and grace.

Tournaire is covered in 18 carat gold and 6.5 carats of diamonds. Yum! However, these jewels have a lot more to them than their flashy exterior.┬áTournaire jewelers have been renowned for many years for their symbolic and atypical designs. The same is said for the aesthetically-pleasing audiophile headphone – Utopia. The special edition features universal symbols that link the past, the present, and the future, represented respectively by a square, a triangle and circle of abundance.

Tournaire by Utopia is extremely hard to obtain, since there are only 8 made in total and two have already been sold according to Focal’s team. That being said, above is a photo of me┬átrying on Focal Utopia Tournaire.

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