New Releases CanJam NYC 2017 Headphones

We spent an exciting weekend at CanJam NYC to find the best new headphones hitting the market. This is our CanJam NYC Headphones review.

New Releases CanJam NYC 2017 Headphones

Mr. Speakers

Mr. Speakers unveiled a new closed-back headphone this past weekend. Everyone meet AEON, a planar magnetic V-Planar and Trueflow technologies. It possesses an internal make-up designed to reiterate the sound of the Ether Flow in a closed-back can at a much cheaper price. AEON costs an affordable $799 bit is currently marked down to $699 for pre-orders. Head over to to place an order. Shipping will begin in April 2017.

Echobox Audio

This company out of the state of Washington introduced a new media player and two in-ear buds at CanJam NYC. They are dynamite and certainly deserve to be mentioned in our “CanJam NYC Headphones” article. In the theme of exploration, Echobox Audio introduced a flask-shaped media player called Explorer and three new buds called Traveler, Finder, and Nomad. Explorer boasts 64GB internal memory and a micro SD slot that can handle a card up to 256 GB. That’s a lot of high-res files 🙂 In addition, it is WiFi and Bluetooth capable so be prepared to take the Explorer any and everywhere you go. Traveler, Finder, and Nomad all feature a single PEEK (Polyether Ether Ketone) dynamic driver, which results in really accurate and clear sound that differs in each headphone based on their unique housing. Traveler is the cheapest model at $99. It features a machined titanium housing in the shape of a bullet. Finder ($149) also features titanium housing in a three-dimensional shape of a spade while Nomad ($399) possesses more of a ergonomic-shape and an over-ear hook. The latter two headphones also feature a special fine tuning system for bass, reference, and treble tunings. These fun products are available at


Of course, French company Focal was present to give everyone a listen to the highly sought after Utopia, as well as Elear. Those who wanted a feel of the luxe life could also indulge themselves with a quick listen to the special Edition Utopia by Tournaire covered in 6.5 carats of diamonds and 18 carat gold. It’s worth $120,000. Grab it at or stop by Audio 46 if you are in NYC.

Final Audio

Final Audio out of Japan prides themselves in creating headphones that get you close to the music. Their newest headphone is called Sonorous III. It is a cheaper alternative to the super luxurious Sonorous X which is comprised of pure aluminum and stainless steel, so it’s heavy. It provides clarity with a sense of realism. If this is what you are looking for in a portable frame you can look to the Sonorous III. It is an over-ear headphone that sits with a relaxed fit on the head. It employs a 50mm dynamic driver to deliver monitor-like sound quality with a deep and wide sound stage. It is available for pre-order at and

Clear Tune Monitors

Vintage Series Headphones are a new line of IEMs inspired by old-school classic cars and feature a chassis as such. These new buds come in three different options. Their first model is called VS-2 and it appropriately features a 2-way cross-over system delivering clear sound with sharp definition over a frequency range of 20 to 15,500 Hertz at $399. VS-3 is built with three drivers to allow even more clarity across the lows, mids, and highs over a range of 20 to 16,000 Hertz ($499). And by now I’m sure you’ve figured the final IEM is called VS-4 and following suit features 4 drivers over a 3-way cross over method. There is one driver for the lows, one for the highs, and two for the mids. These buds provides powerful, accurate sound that is warm and harmonious over a frequency range of 20 to 16,500 Hertz. The VS-4 will run you $599.

Chord Electronics

Our “CanJam NYC Headphones” story would not be complete without talking about headphone companion companies who were also present, like Chord Electronics. The UK-based brand was present to showcase their new wireless adapter for Chord Mojo called Chord Poly. It offers WiFi and Bluetooth capability for users to enjoy high-resolution audio without the wires. Poly includes a rechargeable LiPo battery that yields about nine hours of playback from a sub-four-hour charge using the device’s fast-charging circuit; both Mojo and Poly can be simultaneously charged. Poly will be available in April 2017 for $600.

Woo Audio

Woo Audio showcased their new WA8 Eclipse DAC-amp combo. It is the world’s first battery-operated vacuum tube headphone amplifier. It provides absolutely beautiful audio in a portable frame, for the most part. I would not try to fit the WA8 in my purse but it’s much smaller than Woo Audio’s W22. The WA8 is capable of driving high-end headphones of 8–600 ohm impedance, while its ultra-low noise circuitry can handle IEMs. It is also a pretty and minimal set-up. Had over to to order the WA8 for $1799.

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