These are $150 Audeze iSine10 Knock-Offs, Monoprice Monolith M300 In-Ear Planar Earphones

Monoprice Monolith M300

Audeze iSine10 earphones were the first open-back planar earphones to hit the market. They were successfully modeled after Audeze’s high-resolution and high-priced over-ear planars. Following suit, Audeze iSine10 features the best in make and sound, so the price of $350 is warranted. But if you aren’t ready to drop a three-and-a-half C-notes, maybe one-and-a-half will be more your style. Meet Monoprice Monolith M300 In-Ear Planar Earphones.

These are $150 Audeze iSine10 Knock-Offs, Monoprice Monolith M300 In-Ear Planar Earphones

These strikingly similar 28mm planar earphones are said to deliver “a detailed aural landscape and will resolve all the sonic detail from the best recordings” while providing “spectacular imaging, low distortion, and perfectly balanced sound,” as described by the California-based company.

Monoprice Monolith M300 ship along with a carry case, 3 sets of ear tips, 2 pairs of ear hooks, and 2 pairs of inner ear locks for extra security, and of course the detachable cable. These accessories as well as the conch-shell looking earphones not only look similar to the spider web-like earphones designed by Audeze, but also their specifications are quite close as well. Just take a look at the graph below.

Headphone Model
Driver Impedance Frequency Response Range
Monolith M300 28mm 22ohms 18Hz-50kHz
Audeze iSine10 30mm 16ohms 10Hz-50kHz
Audeze iSine20 30mm 24ohms 10Hz-50kHz

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll sound the same, or better, or worse. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard these babies for myself, but reviewers are saying these cans are definitely worth the $150 price tag. One individual went as far as to say,“The iSines feel a little more durable and crisper mids & lows… None of the iSine 10’s advantages justify the extra $200 price tag in any way.”

This may very well be just another check on Audeze’s Blacklist for Monoprice.  Via the interwebs, word was spread that the $300 Monoprice Monolith M1060 Planar Magnetic open-back headphone could sound closer to Audeze’s open-back planars (worth $995) with a simple purchase of Audeze’s earpads. This then lead Audeze to stop supplying retailers with earpads for individual sale. Rather, they wanted retailers to provide the serial number for the Audeze headphone for which it was to be used with. To be fair, this first fictitious strike wouldn’t be a fault of Monoprice’s own volition, but rather, the over-zealous and price conscious (and/or broke) consumer.

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