2018 Truly Wireless Earbuds Guide: How To Buy & Need To Knows

2018 Truly Wireless Earbuds Guide

Wireless has been around for ages, but with the recent widespread popularity of truly wireless earbuds I’ve found that many consumers don’t know what they’re getting in to – expecting a perfectly working product for a fairly new technology. So, we thought we’d break it down in our “2018 Truly Wireless Earbuds Guide.”

2018 Truly Wireless Earbuds Guide: How To Buy & Need To Knows

Technology, especially new technology isn’t perfect. If we’ve learned anything from failed iOS updates, there is always room for improvement. However, you shouldn’t let that deter you from getting more technologically advanced. Some of these may sound familiar as they are in line with a normal headphone guide and other tips may be wireless refreshers, regardless these are all important need to knows when buying your next wireless can.

2018 Truly Wireless Earbuds Guide – UNDERSTAND that a wireless connection is NOT perfect. Before you even THINK about getting a wireless earbud, let alone truly wireless earbud, you NEED to understand that a wireless connection will never be as solid as your wired connection. Your WiFi isn’t perfect. It drops out from time to time and so will your wireless earbuds. If you live in the busiest of cities (i.e. New York) there’s a good chance from time to time your connection may flicker… for just a moment. That’s okay. The antenna in these teeny tiny earbuds are also teeny tiny so the connection can only be so strong. If it drops out every five seconds and every single time you turn it on, then you might want to consider returning them.

2018 Truly Wireless Earbuds Guide – KNOW that Truly Wireless Earbuds are ALL in beta testing.  Almost every brand in the market right now is on their first generation product. And like most first gen and even second gen products that means you should be ready for technical glitches, like the signal dropping out, earbuds not pairing to your device, and so forth. If this happens, don’t return them right away. Instead proceed to point #5, be patient. And then if all else fails, take ’em back!

2018 Truly Wireless Earbuds Guide – BUY a reputable brand. Reputable brands have more to lose when it comes to failed products and recalls. For that reason, it’s better to throw down in favor of a reputable brand. There are some companies in recent years who have gained notoriety in the TWS market because they’re taking the time to build a reputation as a sole TWS manufacturer (i.e. Bragi). These brands also have a reputation to uphold so I wouldn’t rule them out either. They are worth a try. A Chinese make on Amazon that’s $50 may also sound too good to be true and that’s because it probably is. You could invest in one of these for a cheap trial run, but don’t set your expectations very high.

2018 Truly Wireless Earbuds Guide – Make SURE the buds FIT your ears. While all TWS options are made for universal fit, that doesn’t mean they’ll fit your ears perfectly. You know, like when you purchase one-size fits all pants and they don’t fit. They are kind of like that. There are also a few different types of fits when it comes to TWS; Ergonomic earpiece that nestles itself inside of your ear. It is sans hooks and stabilizes itself by literally wedging itself inside the conch of your ear (JBL Free). Then there’s the earbud with a sport fin fit (Sony WF-1000X). There’s also the earbud that hangs out of the ear fit (Apple AirPods). and the occasional earbud that hooks over the entire ear fit (PSB M4U TW1). P.S. There’s also the possibility of your earbuds possessing one or more of these features. Regardless, make sure these buds fit comfortably and you can withstand wearing them for awhile.

2018 Truly Wireless Earbuds Guide – BE Patient. When it comes to technology everyone has become such an Impatient Isaac, expecting it to work right away. To get the most out of your buds, be patient and actually read the quick start guide and more detailed handbook to understand exactly how to pair and work your earbuds. Some brands require you to pair both earpieces to one another before pairing them to your phone while others require pairing one earpiece to your device and then pairing it to the master. Once you’re familiar, popping them in and rocking out will be simple.

I hope these tips help you all better understand the truly wireless earbuds market. Please note, these tips can be applied to wireless earbuds as well. If you have any questions regarding “2018 Truly Wireless Earbuds” let us know down below.

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