COWIN E7 PRO Review, Wireless and Noise-Cancelling for $77


Cowin E7 headphones are all the rage on Amazon. MajorHiFi has got our hands on the upgraded Cowin E7 PRO wireless noise-cancelling headphones to see how they stack-up. COWIN E7 PRO Review.

Review of COWIN E7 PRO

Out The Box

These headphones come inside of a pretty durable case. My only vice is that the headphones and case smell like industrial glue. I’m hoping the smell fades with time.

Build & Design

Cowin E7 PRO is an over-ear headphone. The cups are circular and quite large so they cover the entire ear. The ear cushions and headband are soft enough to be worn for a few hours on end. The entire unit doesn’t have the sturdiest feel, but the headphones were able to withstand me stretching the ear cups apart and swiveling the ear cups a little on the hard side. The exterior of the ear cups feature a brushed metal look. The left ear cup is built with a micro USB port for charging the unit while the right ear cup features aux port and controls.


There is a single triangle shaped button which features a “+” for turning up the volume and switching forward a track, a “-” symbol to turn down the volume and skip back a track, as well as an “o” button to pair ready the device for pairing and taking calls. The location of these symbols takes a little getting used to especially since the symbols aren’t raised and a long press of the “+” and “-” is used to adjust the volume and I’m used to that function switching back and forth between tracks. If you press a little too short of time to adjust the volume the headphone will switch the track. Bummer, but not a total There’s also a button which toggles between turning the headphone on, turning the Bluetooth on, and turning the noise-cancelling on. The noise cancelling does a decent job of tuning out air conditioning units and similar noises for the price. I’d prefer the ANC to be a little stronger, however this headphone provides a decent amount at price tag well under $100.

Connectivity, Battery Life

The headphones maintained a solid connection to my headphones right around the 30 ft mark so no complaints there. The headphones tout a 30 hour battery life when using both Bluetooth and noise-cancellation. It takes about 4 hours to fully re-juice the headphones.


Lows – Delivers well into the lows into the sub-bass. This was a pleasant surprise from a $77 wireless noise-cancelling headphone. The mids are where I expect to get the most out of my music and Cowin E7 delivers on this section with energy. It’s lively and quite full, especially for the price. The highs are a bit controversial. The highs become tinny as the frequency increases. At times, I couldn’t tell if the tinniness I heard was actually tinniness or an audible hiss. Either way, higher pitched vocals, synthesizers, and treble claps can get a little rough in the upper registers. As for the soundstage, it isn’t the widest, but it is wider than expected and provides some nice spacing between the sub-bass, bass, and mids.

Overall, these headphones provide what most other brands can’t and that’s a working wireless, noise-cancelling headphone for $77.  You really can’t beat the price point and it delivers on some good quality sound, comfort, and features.

If interested, grab Cowin E7 PRO for $76.49 on Amazon.

Learn more at Cowin Audio.

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