Noble Audio Django Review

Noble Audio Django Review

I don’t have the money, time or patience to swap my headphones out every time I change genres. But strangely, there are very few versatile IEM’s out there, even in the high performance range. And that’s reason enough to be a fan of Noble; balance, balance, balance. Is that so much to ask? Add a bit of speed and clarity to that, and I’m a happy audiophile. Let’s explore why the Django is so pleasing to the ear in this Noble Audio Django Review.

Noble Audio Django Review

IN the BOX

Noble Audio Django Review


I’m starting to find that, unlike the Kaiser and Katana, the “cheaper” Noble brands are more comfortable wear for long periods of listening. The smooth shell didn’t give me any problems even after a few hours of wear. I love Noble’s over ear wires too; they’re kind of elastic and less chunky than other over ear wires I’ve tried. They’re easy to pop in and feel secure. Sound isolation was decent too.  

Noble Audio Django Review


6 balanced armature drivers, 2 pin connectors and a freq’load of class. Noble doesn’t like to give out it’s technical specifications. I get it because specs are all too often misleading. But these buds are described by Noble as being an evenly balanced all-rounder. Props to any headphone that performs as advertised.

Noble Audio Django ReviewNoble Audio Django Review


Overall Impressions: Perfectly balanced with a great transient response. 


A flawless measure of bass punch with a clean and textured profile. Combine these qualities with the the Django’s tight feel, and you’ve got one snappy son of a bud. Listening to pop, I’m almost blown away. Or could that just be Britney Spears’ producer? I can only think of one other IEM in this price range that sounds this fun when listening pop, and that’s the Campfire Andromeda. The lows have plenty of richness too, bringing a satiating warmth to rock songs, while maintaining good clarity.


Mid-heads, you’ll be pleased with these ever-present and even handed mids. No harsh uppers, no heavy downers. The justly distributed frequencies and fair balance in forwardness between vocals and instrumentation result in a full spectrum of sound and a lush feel. So, rock fans, look no further. These buds will give you the meat you need. Listening to folk music, you’ll hear a decent level of detail, short of phenomenal, but at least the amount you would expect for a headphone at this price point.


A very smooth and fluid feel in this range. However, it’s not a thoroughly transparent sound. Still, I played a little Miles Davis to see what the highest of highs sound like, and I experienced minimal piercing. So, although this frequency range is not super detailed, it’s certainly an easy listening experience.


Accurate imaging with a discernible sense of depth and height, gives the Django a nice amount spaciousness and a multidimensional feel.


The Django is one of the most beautifully balanced and accommodating high-performance IEM’s I’ve encountered in the $1000 range, even if it’s a tad overpriced. And though I would have liked more detail in the highs, there’s not one genre that didn’t feel good to my ears. Pop and rock fans, especially, will love these little ladies.

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