64 Audio Offers Sale on tia Trio

64 audio tia trio

Santa seems to have a soft spot for 64 Audio. He’s spoken to the famous IEM company and convinced them to offer sale on their tia Trio model during the month of December. 

64 Audio Offers discount on tia Trio

Santa couldn’t have picked a better IEM. The tia Trio may be the most well-rounded in-ear monitor that 64 Audio has ever made. The all-tubeless hybrid tia Trió combines reference-level clarity and a smooth, laid back sound signature.

Sporting 1 dynamic driver for the lows and 2 balanced armatures for the higher frequencies, the tia Trio is the perfect in-ear monitor for listeners looking for the sweet spot between reference-level clarity and a smooth sound signature for extended listening. The tia Trió is a great earphone for audiophiles seeking a clear, laid back, 3D sound in any genre.

64 audio tia trio

Tia Trió features 64 Audio’s complete, three-part tia™ system housed in an ergonomic shell, machined from a solid piece of aluminum and finished with elegant, brushed aluminum faceplates.

The moral of this story is that if you’re planning to spend a $%^*load on a new IEM, the time is now. 

You can pick up the tia Trio here:

64 Audio tia Trio at Audio 46 (No, Audio 46 did not steal 64 Audio’s name. It’s just an unfortunate coincidence).

64 audio

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