64 Audio Releases the Nio

64 Audio Introduces its First High Driver-Count Hybrid IEM

Nio features 9 drivers. A 9mm dynamic driver powers the lows, 6 balanced armatures drive the low mids, 1 balanced armature for the high mids, and one tubeless Tia driver for the highs.

Warm Feel

With a sound signature characterized by extended lows and a rich 3-dimensional soundstage, Nio’s smooth treble and natural warmth will provide hours of enjoyable listening for all genres of music.

Versatile Profile

The Nio boasts a highly versatile sound signature, featuring the new M10 Module, which is the most open module that 64 Audio has ever created. The result is a more spacious sense of ambience and an IEM that is not only optimal for listening enjoyment, but also suitable for studio monitoring. The Nio is particularly skilled at clean layering of instruments, ensuring that nothing is lost in the mix.

Sophisticated Look

Using their tried and true aluminum shells, which are both, lightweight and strong, 64 Audio finishes the shell off with a snazzy gloss coating that lends itself well to the sophisticated look of the faceplate. Unlike 64 Audio’s previous models, the Nio also comes in a luxurious hard leather case that highlights the classy look and sound of this IEM.

You can purchase the Nio at Audio 46

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